Given below is the chart which details calories in fruits.. Use this chart, while you are on diet.. Consuming fruits with Medium and Low Glycemic Index will help you, while dieting.. I have also attached a PDF of the chart..

Click here to download PDF of  Calories in Fruits Diet Chart

FruitSizeCaloriesGlycemic Index
Apple1 Medium90 Medium
Avocado1 Ripe - Medium150Medium
Banana1 Medium100Medium
Blackberry10 counts10Low
Cherry10 counts25Low
Grape10 counts30High
Grapefruit1 Medium100Low
Guava1 Medium90Medium
Kiwi1 Small45Medium
Lemon1 Small20Low
Mango1 Medium200High
Honeydew1 Medium320Medium to High
Cantaloupe1 Medium250Medium to High 
Orange1 Medium70Medium
Papaya1 cup70Medium to High 
Peach1 Small70Low
Pears1 Small90Low
Pineapple1 Slice60High
Plums 1 Small50Low
Pomegranate1 Large233High
Strawberry10 counts27Low
Dates 1 Pitted16High


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