My Weight Lose Journey !!! ( Part 1 )

weight loss tipsAre you trying to loss weight ?????????

Are you a bubbly college girl, looking fat and trying to reduce weight, so that you can fit into your desired outfit ??

Are you a working professional ?? Gained weight recently and trying to cut it down ??

Are you an active mom, trying to lose weight after a wonderful pregnancy ??

Then this is a cool section for you ........

If you are expecting any product / tablets/ medicines for weight loss, then this is definitely not a blog for you........

Weight loss is neither easy as people think nor as difficult as industry exaggerates Weight loss is definitely possible with proper diet, lifestyle and exercises. But................... It needs more determination and patience.

June 2014 - This is the starting point of my weight loss journey.. WEIGHT : 89 KGS
January 2015 - This is the point at which I achieved my goal.. WEIGHT : 63 KGS (26 kg of loss)
(some culprits started using my picture in their stupid weight loss product advertisements. that is why watermark !!!!)
weight loss tips

January 2016 - I am still in maintaining phase, which is the tuf one.. WEIGHT : 63 KGS , which is ideal for my height 5'7''

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