Seven Steps to Start your Wonderful Journey of Weight Loss

weight loss tips

Step 1 to lose weight ** HAVE ENOUGH SLEEP

Have sleep for seven hours completely.. Sleep directly has a relation with gaining weight.. More you wake up in nights, there will be more cravings .. And most of us do not workout before going to bed, right ?? Hormone levels too show a different reading in case of lost sleep over a period of time.. All these may result in increase in weight, unknowingly.. So it is always better to have a proper sleep to start your weight loss..

Reading this, most of you will pop-up a few questions.. "How can I do this ? I'm working night shift .. I'm preparing for exams .. "

I would answer your question this way..
  • If you are working in night shift, switch of your lights and sleep in mornings.
  • If you are preparing for exams, sleep early and wake up early..
  • If you are a mom of a busy baby, remember..... this is not a right time to lose weight.. Wait till your baby's 1.5 years, as this is the time your baby will start sleeping in cycles as all of us..
So.. Whatever it is.. Lose no sleep to lose more weight :) Have a 7 hours sleep.. It saves :)

Step 2 to lose weight ** COUNT YOUR CALORIES

Be calorie sensitive.. Know how a calorie science works.. Keep in mind your calorie consumption should be less than the calorie your body burns..

For that, educate yourself on calories.. Know how much calories you food has.. Count your calorie intake.. Count the calories from fat and proteins.. Keep track of your calories in your phone or diary..

Paste some calorie-based charts in home to assist you in your calorie sensitive journey of weight loss.. One fine day, when you achieve your goal, you will realize the importance of this.

Step 3 to lose weight ** KEEP ON MOVING

Move a little.. Once you read this statement, most of your faces will turn pale.. Because, the toughest thing for anyone in this era is MOVING .. Cars, Lifts, Online shopping and Laptops have changed our lifestyle and an even more obesity is encouraged.. It is not these burgers and pizzas the reason for weight gain.. The obsolete villain is lack of proper exercise.. So move a little..

Only dieting or only exercising is of no use.. Combining both yields the desired results..

So stretch often.. Do simple crunches and a mile of walk.. Results will be greater than you think :)

Step 4 to lose weight ** GO GREEN

Go GREEN.. We need a brief talk on this.. As of now, the topic is enough to tell you what it means.. Go with fruits, veggies, beans, sprouts and cereals.. Avoid tins and cans :)

Step 5 to lose weight ** DRINK ENOUGH WATER

WATER is what your body needs to loss its pounds.. Drink enough water in regular intervals.. It does wonders.. Calculate the amount of water your body needs and drink that much..

Step 6 to lose weight ** BUY A WEIGHING MACHINE

Buy a weighing machine.. Are you jumping like a frog when you stand on a weighing machine ? Then its time to buy one for you personally.. Periodical checking of weight make you aware of your pathetic increase in pounds and cautions your then and there.. Buy one..

Step 7 to lose weight ** BE REALISTIC

Be realistic and motivate yourself often :) Being realistic will help when you jerk on seeing the weighing scale.. You did not lose weight in a single day.. So don't expect a sudden weight loss.. You change your lifestyle.. Gradually you will see it in your mirror..Motivating yourself keeps you in josh :)

This is the single thing I used to remember throughout my journey.. Weight loss is never a result of diet change.. It is a collective result of gradual lifestyle changes..

I guess my points are worth to note in your pin board and hope you guys get a start-up idea.. Come on let us jump start this journey :)

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