Pregnancy is a boon every woman experiences .  After marriage we start to expect a good news as soon as possible. Some of us properly plan and some of us don't do that.  It is always better to consult your family doctor, before planning pregnancy.

When I consulted my family doctor, she was so nice to give me nice suggestions and advices on food and medicines.

Some Notes

  • As per doctors, chicken pox vaccine should be taken a year before conception. It is to make sure that the we never get chicken pox, when we are pregnant. Thereby protecting the child in womb.  
  • Tetanus vaccine should be taken 6 months prior to conception. Tetanus is to protect us from minor cuts and rusts that happen in first trimester. Because, in second trimester, we will be given tetanus by doctor to handle the pregnancy wounds. 

Importance of Prenatal Vitamins

The doctor considered that prenatal vitamins are important for a healthy conception and hence take it right after marriage. She told that it helps us to overcome miscarriages that happen with loss of vitamins. She asked me to take a multivitamin tablet and folic acid tablet.

You might consult with your family physician for prescription and then start taking prenatal vitamins. Don't do anything without consultation.

Maintaining Body Weight

She asked me to keep a watch over my body weight. After marriage because of lack of diet and exercise, many people gain weight quickly. So my doctor advised me to maintain the body weight with proper diet and exercises like walking.

She told that many of her patients come with a heavy weight gain associated with irregular periods and get conceived after a successful weight loss. She asked me to be cautious and maintain the body weight.

Food and Diet

  • She asked me to decrease the amount of salt and to avoid white sugar.
  • She asked me to include more apple, oranges and vegetables.
  • She advised me to take pomegranate for a healthy uterus and blood.
  • She insisted on using iron rich spinach to increase the Hb count.
  • She asked me to drink lot of water to stay hydrated.

Mental Preparation

The doctor insisted that the couple should properly discuss on this topic and then plan for a child. She asked that women should have a happy heart to get conceived quickly. She asked to be on meditation, listen to light music and read a lot about pregnancy. As per doctors we should learn the basic pregnancy symptoms to keep a watch over it. 

So .. You all now know that all my efforts to lose weight in college days went vain .. Then how did I achieved my goal ?? Coming back to my story ..

That was the first time I visited Chennai and I was very happy that day.. I joined in ibm and chennai hostel life began.. which showed me what is starvation :(

Yup, guyz the food was horrible.. It can't be even had at worst case.. I suffered a lot because of that and because of that my eat outside habit increased a lot.. Really we can't continue starving for long days right ??

And.. Cafeteria's sandwitches, pizzas, late night stays, dinners, weekend outings made my day go worse and worse.. I can see myself giant size in mirror.. An alarm ringed in my mind then and there to lose weight.. But in busy work schedule I cheated myself with bloody idiotic reasons for not starting weight loss.. Running this world with a 80 KGs .. Yes ,, It was difficult..

  • It was difficult to chose dresses.. The shop keepers will direct me straight to XXL sections and mostly they would say.. THIS ONE WILL NOT SUIT U ..
  • It was difficult to get introduced to anyone.. It was difficult to send photos..
  • It was difficult to go to treats or gatherings in restaurants..  Mostly people in buffets see like most of their food is emptied by us :(
  • Irregular periods which makes us to suspect for PCOD/PCOS (Poly-Cystic Ovarian Disease/Syndrome)
  • Dark patches around necks, face and a +++++ aged appearance..
  • The way we are described for being overweight is "TANKER LORRY" " ROAD ROLLER" "FULL MALLS".. Not sure how much you have faced and the other ways people have kidded you :(

There was one fine day which made me deterministic to lose weight.. That was the day when I went to a beauty clinic for facial(to get rid of the darkness).. The beautician in the md of her job asked me a question, which shocked me like anything..


I was just 22 at that time and she asked a question to me like that.. I went mad.. That night I lost sleep.. It made my pillows wet with tears.. I was upset.. Upset like anything.. Does this few pounds of overweight give me this aged look ?? Will this give me a lot more difficulties ?? Is this one going to eat my confidence ?? Is this one going to engulf all the self-pride I'm carrying ??

YES.. I need to lose weight :)

Then,, How did I lose weight ?? Follow in Part 5..

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weight loss tips

If you are just trying to manage your weight,, please skip this section.. This is not your cup of tea.. If you are a keen weight watcher and a burning aspirant to lose weight, your definitely need this section..To educate you on basics of calories, I should answer these following questions..
  • How does calorie influence weight gain and weight loss ?
  • How much calories a person should consume a day ?
  • What does a calorie from fat refer ?
  • How should we calculate our calorie intake ?
  • What is the calorie of the foods we eat ?
  • How to cut off calories in my diet, for weight loss ?
weight loss tips

For starters, I will give this example.. Assume your body as a machine with a petrol tank (with reserve area like balloon)
  • If you load the tank with petrol, it will use it and run the machine.. 
  • If you do not load with petrol one day, it will take out from reserve area and use..
  • If you load with extra petrol, it will store it in reserve area (the balloon increases in size) ..
  • If reserved area is much more used, the machine will start running slow day by day.. 
Our body and calories..
  • Our metabolism and day-to-day activities refer the Machine.. 
  • Our body fat and muscles is the balloon
  • Petrol is the Calories
  • Combination in petrol is the calorie split up like Calories from Fat, Protein and Carbohydrates 
How do we gain/lose weight ??
  • If you load your body with required calories, it burns, releases energy for daily activities and nothing is converted to fat
  • If you load your body with less calories than required, it takes the deficit calories from body fat and muscles.. Your weight will start decreasing
  • If you load your body with more calories than required, it will start storing the extra calories as fats and carbs.. Your body weight will start increasing
I hope you understood why being calorie sensitive is needed to lose weight.. Now we can switch to our next question..

How much calories a person should consume ?
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Body Weight
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Day-to-Day activities
We cannot answer in a generic statement.. The caloric consumption varies from person to person.. It depends on a number of factors.. To calculate the ideal calorie required by my body, I referred a calculator in this site and it was really useful.. Here are my inputs to the calculator.. It has shown the calories I need to take for maintaining or losing weight .. Calorie Calculator

weight loss tips

weight loss tips

So now for losing weight, I know how much calories I should consume .. Is it good to go after knowing how much calories we need to eat ?? Never .. We need to educate us with a distinction..The percentage split up is shown in the below diagram..I assume my calorie intake must be 1200 per day and following this split up I calculate as follows.. Calories Consumed from  Fat, Proteins and Carbohydrates
  •  Fat,                         - 1200*15 = 180
  •  Proteins,                 - 1200*25 = 300
  •  and Carbohydrates - 1200*60 = 720
weight loss tips

So this is the time to calculate your own weight loss calorie chart !! Draft such one in diary :) My dear friends, most of the sites I refer never recommend us to cut off the calorie intake below 1000.. At any cost we should not cut our calorie intake below 1000.. Always keep that in mind when you diet :)



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