Foods that increase Mother's Milk Breast Milk

First of all, my hearty congratulations to all the new mommies who refer my website.. This is a usual search, when we feel that our breast milk is not enough for the baby.. There are a lot of tips given by grannies to properly and carefully feed baby..

In this post we are going to discuss on some Indian Food Items to increase breast milk.. I have listed the items and the side effects of overusing them, as explained by my doctor.

breast feeding
You can take on alternative days.. Reduce in case of  Piles

breast feeding
You can take weekly twice.. Reduce in case of  Constipation..

Malted Drinks
breast feeding
You can take daily.. Reduce in case of Sinusitis..

breast feeding
Very small quantity on alternative days.. Reduce if you would get cold easily..

Cumin Seeds
breast feeding
Small Quantity can be included daily..

breast feeding
Small quantity can be included on alternate days.. Reduce if body gets more heated..

Fennel Seeds
breast feeding
Small quantity twice a week.. Reduce in case of digestion problems..

Bottle Gourd
breast feeding
Include weekly twice.. No side effects..

Milk Buns/ Rusk
breast feeding
Daily two Rusks is the advisable quantity.. Reduce in case of constipation..

Dry Fruits
breast feeding
Very little quantity of dry fruits on alternative days.. Avoid if you have Raisin Allergy..

Carrot and Beetroot
breast feeding
Small Quantity twice a week..

breast feeding
Advisable is once in a week.. If you body will get cold easily, take monthly twice..

breast feeding
Can be included weekly twice.. No side effects..

Dry Ginger
breast feeding
Can be included twice a week.. Reduce if your body gets heat more easily..

breast feeding
4 Almonds can be included daily.. No side effects..


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