June 10, 2015

Psychology of Breastfeeding - Must to Know about Stress Management

Breastfeeding is much much and more associated with Psychology.. We are running fast in this world and most of the things are handled without any emotions.. We have made most of the things mechanical.. One thing which cannot be done in such way is Breast feeding.. Stress Management is one thing every new mother should take care of.. Because, a relaxed mother can only offer rich feeding to her baby.. This care starts from pregnancy itself..

During Pregnancy
breast feeding

Care during Pregnancy

During pregnancy, every mom-to-be is supposed to think only about her baby and its future.. She should relax herself.. She should feel her love for the unseen child and think that there should be enough milk for her baby.. The feeling of a mother that she should feed her baby will work on hormones..

 So right after pregnancy, we should think that we should feed our child properly.. Whatever pressures we have in workplace or family, we should not transfer it to our baby in womb.. We should tell our baby that we are happy.. We really feel happy and proud to carry a little champ in ourselves, right ?? So be happy and cheer up yourself at every down.. And the first MANTRA is "RELAX"

In addition to milk supply, the nipple needs to be stretched for making the baby drink with ease.  During eighth month of pregnancy itself, we should stretch it for few minutes. Some doctors advise us to apply little coconut oil, if it is dry and becomes crack. This advice is only during pregnancy. Also it is must to buy a nipple shield if your nipple is very short. If you think your baby is finding it difficult to place the nipple inside its mouth, you should buy a nipple shield. You could find it in pharmacies.

breast feeding

After delivery

I hope you all guyz know that you should feed your baby in first two hours after delivery.. Colostrum is nutritious and it gives immunity than anything else.. So feed your baby, after delivery.. And first few weeks, baby will not be much interested in breast milk.. They need to get used to the process.. So never get depressed that you don't have enough milk.. Sameway, don't think that the baby is not fed properly.. Instead be happy for whatever you have and encourage your baby to drink milk..

Talk with your baby.. Tell your baby that you are much and more interested to feed him/her.. Encourage your baby with a gentle touch, while feeding.. The pain you take in the first few weeks to make your baby used to breast milk is going to help you rest of the months.. And the key point is "NEVER GET DEPRESSED"

Even if your milk secretion is low, try all possible ways to increase it with food.. Keep yourself updated with the food items to increase milk.. Alter your diet schedule.. You need to portion your food and eat once in every 2-3 hours, so that your milk supply increases.. Believe that your milk supply will increase in future.. Never exaggerate something about low milk..

Weight gain and skin colour changes are common in pregnancy.. Please never worry about your body fat after delivery. Your weight will decrease automatically, if you feed your baby properly.. After a year or so (after stopping feeding), you can adapt a healthy plan to lose weight.. So have a happy pregnancy and have a happy motherhood..

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