How to make your GROCERY LIST healthy - General Topics

I consider certain things, when I write up the monthly grocery list. First and foremost, HEALTH. Then the season and seasonal availability of the things. Then the COST and the TASTE of my family members. This is really a vast topic. I cannot simply say include this and exclude that. So I am giving it in 4 sections under 4 posts. Each post will describe each section.

  • Part 1 - Grains, Cereals, Pulses and Legumes
  • Part 2 - Flours, Spices and other readymades
  • Part 3 - Snacks, Oil, Fat, Dairy and Poultry
  • Part 4 - Vegetables and Fruits

If you are someone who never try to prepare a list and then go for a shopping, please excuse me. This post is definitely not for you. If you are health conscious and someway economic, you must need a prepared list. Only if you have such a list, you could help yourself. Otherwise, you will just grab and go whatever you find in your eyes.

The list I am going to give you is in Indian style. You also have a little items added for making your child happy. Also you have some items to include for making international dishes that are healthy, at home. My list will also give an outline on the following things

  • What should you include in your list and why ?
  • What should not be included and why ?
  • Cost cutting and cheaper options
  • Eating seasonal and local foods

Once I finish all the topics, I will provide a full list as a pdf. You may modify it as per your taste and start using it. Let us see the topics in next post.

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