Kerala Diet Plan for Weight Loss

Today we are going to see a pakka Kerala Diet Plan for weight loss. This is a sample diet chart for weight loss in Kerala Style. You can follow this Kerala Diet Plan to lose weight. You will not be missing any elements of taste.

I have been to my favorite doctor Dr. Krishna for consulting and getting tips for weight loss. She is from Kerala. The initial diet plan she gave me was completely in kerala style. I just consulted a dietitian to get it converted in tamilnadu style.

As my friend Asha for this diet chart, I thought of sharing it in the blog. It might be useful. This is a general chart. It is an outline and you need to modify it as per your taste and health conditions. Always consult a proper dietitian, if you can.

kerala diet plan for weight loss

Some General Tips

  • Drink 3 to 4 liters of water. Although it is tough in this winter, we can never achieve a weight loss without drinking enough water. Jeeraka vellam can also be included. Jeeral Vellam favors more weight loss.
  • Cook using pure coconut oil or olive oil
  • Avoid fried items like chips and appam
  • Mostly, Avoid Achar or Pickle
  • It is most preferred to Avoid Bakery items, ice creams and parottas

  • GM Diet Indian Version
  • Military Diet Indian Version
  • kerala diet plan for weight loss

    Now let us see the sample diet chart for Kerala Style Diet Plan

    Kerala Style Diet Plan for Weight Loss

    Early Morning

    • Katang Chaya with Sugar -OR-
    • Inji or Elakkai Tea

    Breakfast Include any one from the following option

    • a small piece of gothambu puttu or ragi puttu with 1/2 cup of side dish -OR-
    • red rice idli or dosas with chutneys -OR-
    • 1 cup red rice kanji with payaru kari -OR-
    • 1 cup samba godhumbu upma

    Mid-Day Snack

    • Apple or Biscuits or Tender Coconut

    Lunch any one from the following option

    • 1 cup matta ari or red rice with sambar or pulissery, any 2 vegetable side dishes, no chammanthi or theeyal -OR-
    • 1 cup matta ari or red rice with fish kuzhambu, grilled fish and keerai thoran -OR-
    • 2 chapathis with vegetable curry with a small salad

    Evening Snack

    • Coffee or Tea with Half Sugar and 2 Fiber Biscuits -OR-
    • 1 bowl of soup -OR-
    • 1/2 cup Sundal

    Dinner Include any one from the following option

    • 1 appam with stew -OR-
    • 2 idiyappam or nool puttu with stew -OR-
    • any millet dosa with chutney -OR-
    • 2 idlis with rasa vada

    Note: Men could add 1/2 cup of more rice, 1 Dosa or 1 Chapatis in addition, 1 Biscuit in addition


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