10 Tips to Manage your Weight – Before Diwali for a Weight-Watcher

Festival Season has started and we all are waiting for the day to celebrate Diwali.. Most of the weight-watchers would have started worrying about their weight gain from now itself..

I have 3 categories of people before me..

  • Who need a weight-loss but has not yet started a plan
  • Who are currently in a weight loss diet plan and continuing it successfully
  • Who just want to manage their current weight
Who need a weight-loss but has not yet started a plan

For you guyz, I won’t give any tips.. You enjoy all the sweets and snacks for this Diwali and let us start the Journey after this Diwali.. Don’t be guilty while eating, anyways you are going to skip these when you start your weight loss plan.. 
During 2013 Diwali, I was in this phase 🙂 I was in my husband’s hometown and enjoyed a number of snacks.. My overweight and appearance in sari made me guilty but I cannot lose weight in just a month or day.. So compromised myself and had a nice feast.. There was no gain of weight and all.. It was same before and after Diwali.. (Both HIGH !!)
Who are currently in a weight loss diet plan and continuing it successfully

Friends. please skip eating sweets and snacks this Diwali.. It may look rude.. But please recollect all the pains you took for reducing weight or currently being in such a wonderful journey.. Let us have a feast for next Diwali.. We have a few milestones to reach our goal.. You might be trapped with a few words like “Just One”, ” Don’t create a scene” and so on.. Don’t spoil yourself with “Cheat Diets”.. Be careful.. As we are foodies, we cannot stop with one.. 
During 2014 Diwali, I was in this phase.. I made sweets and snacks and distributed to friends.. I don’t know the taste of any of them till now.. It was tested by my neighbor for corrections.. There was a mild temptation.. But the so far success I had at that time kept me motivated.. Thank God, for giving me such a determination..
Who just want to manage their current weight
So my suggestions only for you.. You should start a few things before Diwali to get rid of an unwanted weight gain.. It is very easy to do these.. You can avoid a sinful eating right ?? 
This is a 7 days weight management plan..You have to start practicing these 10 steps, exactly 10 days before Diwali.. Follow your regular food diet except a few changes.. All these steps are just for 7 days to mange your current weight, in-spite of a heavy snacking during Diwali..  You can feast for Diwali 3 days before Diwali and 3 days after.. You can eat anything for 7 days and enjoy the feast without guilt.. 
This Diwali, I am going to follow this diet plan.. It worked out well for 2011 Diwali.. C’mon let us see how to do that..
1. Boost Your Metabolism with Lemon and Honey
2. Skip Coffee and Tea with Milk
3. Skip non-vegetarian items
4. Substitute your breakfast with Fruit Juices with Skimmed Milk

5. Snack on Lime and Pineapple Cooler, every evening

6. Do a ten minute short and quick aerobics, do a few stretches for 5 minutes, before going to bed

7. Drink Green Tea before going to bed
8. Drink 4 liters of water a day to keep up the basal metabolic rate
9. Clean your house yourself for Diwali

10. Take Diwali Legiyam/ Sooranam on Diwali
So you can start preparing yourself for Diwali from now itself.. Enjoy the feast..

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