Abdomen Exercises at Home – Lose 2 inches in 10 days

The toughest area to loose weight is abdomen.. Upper belly fat is a bit easier to burn compared to lower.. If you remain dormant for a week or so, even love handles develop.. Stomach is that much fat prone..
Walking and Jogging are the best exercises to get rid of belly fat.. Tough it is easy to walk or jog, most of us don’t get enough time and for others there is a space constraint.. In such case, we can do the crunches as shown in this video..
10 minute cardio should be done prior to this abdominal crunches.. If you are restricted with time, you can do this exercise, once you are back after regular travel or after climbing stairs.. This exercise helped me to lose 2 inches in 10 days.. I did this in 2 repetitions.. You can do these abdomen exercises at home and lose tummy fat..
See how much easy to get a muffin top and how tough it to get rid of it 🙁

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