How to overcome PCOD/PCOS with Weight Loss ??

This post is specially for those friends who got distressed to know they have PCOD/PCOS.. Yes, Poly-cystic Ovarian Syndrome has become a common disease and almost 4/10 women are having it, the percentage is different..

You would have already read a lot in websites and by this time would know that “WEIGHT-LOSS” is a solution for it.. A few of you must have a doubt.. What can a weight-loss do to PCOD, than medicines or tablets ?? You must first understand that, PCOD is just a syndrome and not a disease to get cured by medicines.. Of course,, you need medicines or surgery if the syndrome reached above 60% – 80%.. But the happy news is most of the women see the percentage as 20-60..

For those women, weight-loss is the best solution.. To encourage you guys, I am going to share two PCOD success stories. I hope this would motivate you to lose more weight and get rid off the syndrome..

Here are the steps to overcome PCOD/PCOS with Weight Loss

Lifestyle Changes

  1. Drink 4 liters of water a day.. This would help you to regulate the body metabolism..
  2. Sleep properly for 7 hours.. If you are working in night shift, try to change it.. No other go..
  3. Wash your face 3-4 times a day 
  4. Do not stress yourself with too many things.. First and foremost thing should be your weight loss.. You should get rid off PCOD.. Give first priority to that..

Food Habit

  1. Leave smoking or drinking
  2. Leave non-veg except fish and eggs.. I would suggest you to leave eggs, if they are not organic..
  3. Leave smoking or drinking
  4. Leave non-veg except fish and eggs.. I would suggest you to leave eggs, if they are not organic..
  5. Skip eating in restaurants.. 
  6. Take Hibiscus Juice if you get a chance.. 
  1. Do aerobics exercise/ walking thrice in a week
  2. Do abdominal exercises everyday
  3. Do Yoga for PCOD thrice in a week.. Click here for YOGA for PCOD..

Hope you gain confidence enough to lose more weight.. And I wish you all the best 🙂

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