PCOD/PCOS and Weight Loss Success Story of Neethu (Names Changed)

There was a long queue waiting in the hospital.. Neethu was also waiting for the consultant Gynecologist.. She never had a regular menstrual cycle and it had worsen to pains in abdomen.. She was in final year of her college.. Being studious and stressful, she never took time to care herself.. She came to hospital because of her mother’s compulsion..

She was a bit nervous, when she entered the doctor’s room.. After a regular check up, the doctor asked her to take an ultrasound.. After a series of steps, her ultrasound was done.. The time came to show the results to doctor..

The doctor chuckled and started, “Neethu,  you have PCOD.. It means there are multiple cysts in ovary.. It has affected your ovaries just to 30%.. Your overweight can be the reason..”

Neethu asked the doctor “Can it be cured ?”

“Of course, why not ? PCOD is just a syndrome.. Being 168 cm tall, 76 kg is too much.. Please reduce it to 67 Kg naturally.. Your periods will be alright and no medicines needed..”

“Just weight loss ???”

“Yes.. Lifestyle changes is more than enough for PCOD.. It is just 30% right ?? Just try losing weight and come to me after three months..”

“Any medicines ??”

“As you did not have your period for more than 6 months, I am giving you Medroxyprogestrone Acetate.. But remember you are going to take the tablets only for 2 cycles.. This tablet is not a remedy and don’t continue without advice.. Try losing weight.. Try Yoga and proper food diet.. That will help more than medicines..”

“And my marriage and pregnancy ??”

“Do you have any plans to get married within a year ??”


“Then don’t worry.. One year is completely sufficient for a weight loss.. Cheer up.. “

Neethu came out from the doctor’s room crying.. She was afraid of infertility a lot.. Her mom, dad and sister encouraged her a lot and continuously motivated her confidence.. Right from the next cycle, she started browsing net for various tips.. She made a number of lifestyle changes.. She followed a healthy food diet.. Skipped restaurants.. She joined in a gym and concentrated on abdominal exercises.. She did Yoga for PCOD twice in a week.. In next four months, she lost 11 kgs of weight.. In addition to weight loss, her skin glowed like anything.. Her complexion improved a lot.. And finally, her periods got regular..

After 6 months she met the doctor and the doctor herself was surprised to see the amazing weight loss.. She was scanned again and confirmed to have 5% of PCOD.. Doctor said that it is negligible.. She felt happy and continued the same lifestyle..

She is now married and having a 5 years son.. Every time she kiss her son, she remembers the pain she took to overcome PCOD..I asked her one day.. What inspired you to lose weight and PCOD ?? Her answer is amazing..

” Every time I see a restaurant, I will tell myself that I’m skipping it for my future kid.. Every time I feel lazy to workout, I will imagine my future without a kid.. That is it.. That is my motivation”

I congratulate her.. I congratulate you Neethu, if you are reading this blog.. Wish you all success..

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  • January 6, 2018 at 12:14 am

    I dont know what to do. I am so afraid. I am 21yrs old and i missed my period for the month of september last year. I went to a gynae and she prescribed me with deviry tablets for one cycle only after which i had periods on october. I had periods on november too but didnt have it in the month of december. I went to my doctor again she has given me many medicines including glyciphage which i am afraid to take. I feel so depressed that i will become completely infertile.

  • January 6, 2018 at 12:24 am

    don't worry too much. if reduce weight and follow proper diet, you can get control PCOD. Seek help of a good gyn and follow their advice.


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