Step 25 – How to Lose Weight | Managing Diets during Parties and Treats

Nowadays people have the habit of going out for dining out often.. If you take my case, I can’t stop myself going to a restaurant at least once in a ten days.. Sometimes it happens to be a self decision and sometimes it will be a party or treat.. However, it stays as a big challenge to my weight loss journey..

Of course a lot of low calorie and harmless items are available in every food market.. But something like a lethargy given by friends, wrong choice of food, just one day myth or temptation hinders us and put in a risk.. Though I admit that a single day does not count much, it triggers the taste buds next two days.. I will eat more the next two days after a treat.. I hope most of you would agree to my point..

  • Step 1: Choosing a restaurant.. I will suggest subway and any mexican grill like Chipotle.
  • Step 2: Choosing less fat items over more.. This choice is for Indian restaurants..
  • Step 3: If it is a evening dine out, manage lunch with a slice of wheat bread + veggies and skip the tiffin.. Also skip starter and dessert.. That is the wish decision for night..
  • Step 4: If it is a lunch, minimize you night intake.. Like,, you can just have a guava or some fruit juice for night, instead of a meal..
  • Step 5: Drink plain hot water after the heavy meal.. It burns the excess oil/ fat..

Choose veg/ non-veg clear soup/ rasam kind of soups over tomato/ cream/ sweet corn/ hot and sour soup

Veg clear soup

Non-veg clear soup


Tikkas/ Kebabs are less in fat compared to fries.. Select Paneer Tikkas/ Fish Tikkas/ Chicken Kebabs.. If it happens to be a day that they don’t have tandooris, better skip the starter.. Avoid fried papads.. It is better to have roasted papads..

Paneer Tikkas
Fish Tikkas
Chicken Kebabs
Roasted Papads

Main Course
With a small piece of spicy starter it is good to have the following items.. Though the gravies have butter, it is at least good for health.. I never mentioned to have all at a time.. Please note you have to combine rice with a gravy/ bread with a gravy/ just a tiffin item

Tandoori Roti/ Tandoori Paratha

Chappathi Kurma
Dhal Fry
Dhal Palak
Palak Paneer
Jeera Rice
Plain Dosa

Most of the hotels serve fruit salad these days.. If you feel heavy it is better to avoid a dessert.. For me it gives the most guilt..

Fruit Chat/ Fruit Salad
Kaju Kathli (a small piece)

So next time you go for a party checkout what out eat and enjoy the day with no doubt..

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