Step 29 - How to Lose Weight | Suryanamaskar for Losing Weight

Every weight-loss aspirant would have heard this word, Suryanamaskar.. If you haven't heard yet, it means you are a starter and for such a nice starter I'm posting this reference in my blog..

Suryanamaskar/ Sun Salutation is a wonderful breathing sequence. . It is really an amazing sequence of easy yogic poses.. If you feel that you are a zero in yoga, please don't worry that nobody is there to guide.. A lot of video and pictorial tutorials are there.. ( I personally feel, it is better to practice this with the help of a yoga trainer for first time )

Each step is associated with an inhale, exhale or hold.. I have seen some people who do this yogic sequence without proper knowledge on this breathing.. So go through the video link step by step and then practice this yoga..

Picture for reference..
weight loss tips

Video link for Beginners from YouTube .. 

Right Postures

When should I do this ??
If you do in early morning, it would be really great.. The positive energy you attain while doing this pranayamic sequence will be more .. Apart from that, anytime 1.30 hours after a meal is right for doing this yogic sequence ..

How much calories are burnt per sequence ??
13.90 calories per sequence for an average weighing person .. So a count of 20 is enough to burn 280 calories at a time !! Good isn't it ??

What are the health benefits of doing this yogic sequence ??

weight loss tips

OK .. Hope this post is useful to you and inspires you to practice this yoga .. Believe me this is an amazing starter and the amount of weight loss will be ample and as expected .. Happy Weight Loss !!

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