Yoga and Pranayama for PCOD/PCOS

I really feel more and more happy, when I see a request or comment in my inbox.. And this post specially a reply for such a comment.. A couple of days before, I posted on PCOD/PCOS.. And the page views made me realize how many of us are struggling with this weird syndrome.. 
I should admit one thing that I my MOM have been a victim of this syndrome(with 40% PCOD) 7 years before.. She was put in this battle, when no source or remedy was available online.. Thank God,, my doctor is so wise.. She advised to do YOGAS instead of giving medicines.. She just wanted my MOM to be away from stress.. 
At that time when I searched for Yogas, there was a number of write ups.. Unfortunately no video or images.. We looked in for a Yoga master and with her help practiced a few Yogic poses.. It went for 6 months.. Also she followed a strict diet.. Unbelievable.. In next 8 months, she was reported with no PCOD at all.. It was like a magic..
Now it is really happy to see a lot of posts about the remedies and videos on the yoga poses So I am happy to share these videos, which pull out a few old memories..
  • Perform 5-6 Suryanamaskars before doing these Yogas
  • After doing this Yoga series, perform Kapalbhati Pranayama
  • Practice this thrice in a week.. That is more than enough

Cobbler’s Pose
Seated Twist Pose
Mill Churning Pose

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