How to Prevent Hair Loss When Losing Weight

In this post, we are going to see how to prevent hair loss when losing weight. Hair Fall is common while losing weight. We should know how to prevent his hair fall and overcome this hair fall.

 The most important thing to worry about, when dieting is “Hair Loss”.. It seems to be a silly issue.. But whoever experience it would accept the truth..
In my previous(first and quick) weight loss journey, I followed a strict diet and was successful.. I never noticed my hair loss, till a friend of mine spot it and asked me “why ??” My hair has always been with medium length and very thick. Right after that rapid and unhealthy weight loss, it became as thin as a quill.. It made me worry a lot and I started consulting doctors for the remedy.. I was advised that if I try to follow a protein-rich and iron-rich diet regimen, I would regain the lost hair..
It is true.. When I altered my maintenance diet with protein-rich and iron-rich items, I was able to regain that lustrous hair thickness, but not like the previous one.. Meanwhile, a pregnancy and healthy diet associated with it gifted me a good hair thickness.. Even a year after my delivery, I was able to maintain the same.. When I planned to lose weight the second time, I was very particular that I should not lose much hair along with that.. I included a few food items to increase my hair growth.. I will be listing those for your reference..

1. Never get stressed to see your thin hair..


Nothing can make you lose hair as like STRESS.. It is the rival to our health.. So please don’t get stressed to see your thin hair.. Whenever I cry seeing bunch of hair in my comb, my mom used to advice like this.. In trees, old leaves will fall and new leaves will grow from the papillary.. Likewise, whenever hair falls, there will be a new hair grown.. We should never upset the new comer with our stressful face.. Let us welcome the new comer happily.. I am supposed to accept her advice.. She is 49 and still with a thick, black and lustrous hair 🙂

2. Every time you brush your hair or see the mirror, tell yourself that you will regain the previous hair thickness..



I got this advice from an aunt, who is a cancer survivor.. It was ten years before I saw that situation..  Our neighbor Aunt Stellamma, who is known for her superb hair, losing it completely in Chemotherapy.. It was really pathetic to see her with a shaved head.. We never thought that she would come back as before.. She in turn keep pacifying us with her more confident words “I will regain my hair.. Let the strength of medicines go out..”.. Days passed and  everyone got busy with their own work.. This Aunt never seemed to use VIG or something to cover her head.. In next 10 months, she was found with little little hair.. I went to college hostel and was not able to see her frequently.. When it happened to see her after two years, I was surprised.. She got her hair back, may be with a shorter length.. Yep.. I started following her advice right from there.. We have a lot to learn from others..

3. Eat 5 almonds a day



Many if you would have hear this.. almond is nothing but a protein supplement.. For a weight watcher, almonds keep away from hunger and supplies essential fatty acids..
4. Include Salmon Fish and Sardines in your diet


Both are Protein and Omega fatty acid, supplements..

5. Try to have 2 Gooseberries per day


They enrich you with Vitamin C, which is needed for Iron assimilation..

6. Try to have 2 Dates per day

No Iron Tablet can replace this natural supplement.. This easy Iron bomb has a number of benefits other than preventing hair loss.. 

7. Eat Sprouts, once in a week

Only a Sprout can provide, Revitalization.. There is no other equivalent.. Don’t cook.. Have it as a Salad.. The nutritional value is higher..


8. Apply warm coconut oil to the scalp, at night time… Massage well


Only inner nutrition is not enough for a healthy hair.. So apply warm coconut oil and massage at night.. It will reduce the body heat and makes you feel cool.. 


9. Perform any Pranayama, weekly thrice

This is something you can do to relax yourself.. This will improve blood circulation and in turn hair growth..


10. Laugh Loudly, it relieves your stress

Laughing loudly cures a number of diseases.. Hair loss is one among them..

Note: Other than hair losses because of hereditary, diseases or hormonal disorders, you can prevent or rejuvenate you hair loss with the above steps.. 
How to prevent hair loss when losing weight ?
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How to prevent hair loss when losing weight ?
In this post, we are going to see how to prevent hair loss when losing weight. Hair Fall is common while losing weight. We should know how to prevent his hair fall and overcome this hair fall.
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