3 Simple Yoga Poses for Strengthening Arms

Most of us are interested in Yoga.. We consider it as a healthy and easy way to lose weight and strengthen ourselves.. Of course, there is nothing wrong in this opinion.. Whenever I think about Yoga, only one things comes to my mind.. The yogas we did in our school days..

I did my primary schooling in an Anglo Indian School, High School in Sister's Convent and Higher Secondary in Government school.. One common thing I had in all these schools is YOGA.. We had Physical Education Teachers  in the school and there was a compulsory weekly yoga practise.. In the beginning, I used to hate those sessions.. After a few months it became interesting and that is how it I led me  to learn Yoga from masters.. There they lighten the correct methods and benefits of each and every yoga.. Now we are coming to the main topic..

There a lot of people who are interested in reducing upper body and tummy.. Because most of the people who fall under the category of APPLE shaped body, try to lose fat in arms, chest and tummy.. Now I am going to list out 5 simple yogas, which can be done in order to reduce or strengthen our upper body.. C'mon let us see those one by one..

After a cardio workout for 10-20 minutes, these yogas can be done.. Or after 10 sets of Suryanamaskar, these yogas can be done..

Ardha Chandrasana

Ardha Chandrasana is meant to strengthen your spine, arms.. It reduces extra fat in arms and strengthens it.. If you have spine injury or digestive problems, you should avoid doing this yoga..

This is simple to see, but there will be a difficulty to do this without practise.. This will look like a step in push-ups.. It is good for strengthening arms


This is simply side plank.. Holding 20 seconds, 2 sets on both sides itself is a great challenge for beginners.. This is a good pose to reduce arms..

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