Simple Cardio Workout - Losing weight at Home

Some of us have a burning desire to lose weight.. But our busy schedule, shyness to go to gym, responsibility to take care of little kids and some other situations would drag us back.. No worries, there are a number of aerobics and exercises that can be done at home itself.. 

Just after finishing your work in morning or just at the time of your nap, you can do these.. Also the steps are not that much complicated.. Losing weight at home itself is possible with the help of these exercises.. I am giving the link of one such video..

This aerobic sequence will be tough to follow initially.. When you practise for the first time, there would be a severe body pain.. Give 2 days interval and then start again.. This is a nice calorie burner.. I consider this one as a gift for those who can't go to gyms.. Practice this Simple Cardio Workout at home and have a happy weight loss at home..


  1. already feeling inspired,ur blog is wonderful,jus hav a doubt,if im doin aerobics at home,should i wear sports shoes or is it ok if i do it in bare foot?pls do reply,thank u.

  2. It is always good to do aerobics wearing proper shoes.. Otherwise, it may cause sprain..

    If you are not in ground floor, you may feel your neighbours will be disturbed by shoes' vibration.. In that case, you can do 10 minutes standing exercises without shoes and all floor exercises wearing shoes.. If very short duration like 10 - 20 minutes, you can manage without shoes.. For long run, it is not a good option.


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