Simple Lifestyle Changes for a Giant Leap in Health - Can we ??

Here are a few simple and easy to follow steps.. We can follow ourselves or can make our children to follow from childhood.. Nothing to explain,, Let us see in pictures..

I would admit.. It is tough for most of us.. The kingdom of carbonated drinks is ruling us for more than 20 years and would never tire till pulling our legs to Diabetes.. If you are still under the spell of these, try at least now to come out.. Please don't drag your children too..

I cannot ask you to completely avoid French Fries.. In case you are obese, you have no other go.. But you can obsoletely pacify your munchy tongue with home-made popcorn..

Say NO to coloured food.. Try to avoid food colours atmost.. And if you are a restaurant lover, you could replace your order for fried chicken with chicken kebab..

What made you to think Oats is the only way to lose your weight ?? Advertisements ?? Please don't dump yourself with an idea that oats is easy to cook.. Have you ever inquired what is the nutritional value ?? Have you ever compared it with any of the Millets ?? Whether you agree or not, Millets have been our region-based, soil-based food.. Never wait till a multinational company come and advertise you that Millets or good.. Never wait till they come up with their brand value and advertise for our pretty old Ragi and Bajra..

We have become rich.. Yes,, most of us are rich enough to go to restaurants at least once in a week.. If it is a metro city 2000 bugs and if it happens to be a semi-city 500-800 bugs.. Thats what you need to pay for a restaurant.. So.. we are rich enough to make a few of our Restaurants rich.. Friends,, I'm myself a restaurant freak and only now I am trying to reduce it.. Reason is.. After 6 complete months of restaurant hunts, I end up having PCOD (polycystic ovary).. Nowadays, I enjoy meal with family and friends at weekends.

This is for my friends who sit in front of computers for a very long time.. Every hour stand up and give a few stretches.. In lunch breaks, go for a walk.. Never wait till you get back pain..

Refined Sugar is what you need to avoid if you don't want to become Diabetic,, Not Rice.. Even if you agree or not, jaggery is the best.. What I personally feel is Sugar served at Ration Shops is even better than the packaged Sugar.. Have you ever tested ? One Tablespoon of  Ration Sugar equals Two Tablespoons of Paris Refined Sugar.. Just we need to sieve the coffee or tea.. Nothing bad other than that.. Replace your kitchen shelves with more palm sugar and jaggery..

Social Media has done its level best to explain you the bad effects of maida and most of the hotels have come up with the recipe for wheat parathas nowadays.. I had an extremely good Wheat Paratha at Arya Bhavan restaurant @ Nagercoil.. If you happen to visit the hotel, order their Wheat Parathas.. You will exclaim !!

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