7 Spices - To be in a Weight Watcher's Kitchen

I assure you one thing.. You will feel happy after reading this post.. Yep, the thing I am going to tell you now will encourage you a lot.. Especially, if you are a weight watcher or an aspirant to lose more weight, you will feel more happy.. You know why ?? I am going to tell you.. How healthy you kitchen is !!

First, I will list those 7 spices you should include in your daily diet to loose more weight.. C'mon let us see one by one..

Cinnamon/ Pattai cinnamon for weight loss

Coriander/ Kothamallicoriander for weight loss 

Cumin Seeds/ Jeeragamcumin for weight loss

Fennel Seeds/ Saunf/ Sombufennel for weight loss 

Ginger/ Inji


Mustard Seeds/ Kadugu

Black Pepper/ Milagu

I told you right,, you will feel happy after scrolling down.. These spices are very common in an Indian kitchen..  Are you happy now ?? Our traditional way of cooking itself helps us to lead a healthy and fit life.. So use these spices, cook at home and stay fit !!! 

If you aim for weight loss try my Pathiya Kuzhambu Recipes..

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