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Beetroot is rich in Iron.. If taken in any form, it improves the Hemoglobin count.. At the same time, people who have more "Pitham" should not have it very often.. This Beetroot Popsicle is majorly made with Apple and a concoction of Beetroot is added for improving the nutritional value.. 

This one is very apt for Summer.. Especially we need more and more drinks during summer and most of us opt for juices than plain water.. These Beetroot and Apple Popsicles is a good option.. This is a low calorie snack for weight watchers.. Also this is rich in nutrition..

Beetroot and Apple Popsicles - Low Calorie Snacking

Recipe Idea(modified) : detoxdiy | Preparation Time: 10 minutes |  Freezing Time: 2-4 hours
Servings: 5 popsicles |  Calories: 40 per popsicle


Beetroot½ small, cubed/diced
Apple1 medium, cubed
Raw Sugar2 Teaspoons
Milk½ cup
Vanilla Extract1 Teaspoon


Take beetroot cubes in a blender and puree it adding ¼ cup of water..
Strain the puree and take it in a cup..
Now, take apple cubes in a blender, add some sugar, vanilla essence and milk.. Puree this mixture..
Add beetroot juice and give on last pulse..
Take a popsicle tray and fill it with the puree..

Stepwise Pictures:

Take beetroot and 1/4 cup water in a blender and puree it
beetroot popsiclesbeetroot popsicles

 strain the pureed beetroot and transfer it to a cup/ bowl
beetroot popsiclesbeetroot popsicles

 Take apple in the blender.. Add Raw Sugar..
beetroot popsiclesbeetroot popsicles

 Add milk and puree the mixture.. Then add Vanilla Extract..
beetroot popsiclesbeetroot popsicles

 Add Beetroot Juice extracted in Step 2 and give one last pulse to the blender..
beetroot popsiclesbeetroot popsicles

 Fill the moulds of a popsicle tray.. Keep it in freezer for 2-3 hours..
beetroot popsiclesbeetroot popsicles

 Now, immerse the mould in slight hot water and take out the popsicles..
beetroot popsiclesbeetroot popsicles

 Beetroot and Apple popsicles are ready to serve..
beetroot popsicles

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