Bigellow Herbal Teas - Healthy Product Review

Notes to Add:
  • I will post separately how to prepare herbal teas at home.. 
  • This is not a paid review..
  • This is not an advertisement.. This is just my opinion about the product..
Yesterday, I published a video about Green Tea.. There I mentioned a few things about various options of Herbal Teas.. In fact, all these teas can be made at home..The taste and flavor is not going to be much different than store bought tea bags.. What we have to do is
  • Dry Hibiscus for Hibiscus Tea
  • Dry orange skin for Orange Tea
  • Dry Pomegranate Skin for Pomegranate Tea and
  • Dry Mint and Tulsi for Mint Tea..

At the same time, most of us find no time to do these stuffs.. Those who are able to prepare multiple flavored tea dusts can go ahead and prepare in home itself.. For some lazy bees and busy bees, I am giving a review on one product, which I am recently using..

This Bigellow Herbal Teas became familiar to me from Latha Supermarket in Chennai.. In Chennai, most of the supermarkets (Latha, Ponnu, Venkateswara and Ayyanar) stack a variety of Herbal Teas.. If you wish to go online, you can check out in

There are a number of brands available in Supermarkets.. So try with sample packs and then buy the large pack.. Of course from your choice of brand.. The cost will come around Rs 250 for 30 small bags.. In US, I found a small combo pack in Shoprite for 5$.. And recently I am adding this tea to my cart in Amazon..

If you are bored because of the repetition of Green Tea, you would have started searching for a variety of Teas.. You can definitely try this Bigellow.. You have two options like small small tea bags and a big pouch or pack of tea.. I usually buy a combo pack with more than 5 flavors.. All is just to ensure there is nothing boring.. The pack which I show you now had 6 flavors.. I will mention one by one.. To know more about the product, click here
  • Pomegranate - Only three words to describe.. Tangy, Pinky and Tasty
  • Orange with Spices - I felt Cinnamon is more.. The flavor is good and this is also tangy..
  • Lemon - Entirely Citric..
  • Mint Medley - You will feel refreshed with this green, minty flavor..
  • Sweet Dreams - Again this is having a perfect natural blend of leaves.. I felt relaxed after a mug of this Sweet Dreams..
  • Chamomile - I have heard from friends that Chamomile Tea will give a relaxed sleep.. Nowadays, I am experiencing the truth in it.. Good choice for old people..

The best recipe to prepare a perfect herbal tea make it more interesting.. Take 300 ml hot water and dip a tea bag.. Let all the spices and color of the tea get into the hot water.. Now add one teaspoon of honey and stir well.. If the water is hot enough to dissolve honey, then it is the right time to take a sip of the herbal tea.. Have a cup and feel refreshed.. 

Whenever I take a sip of herbal teas, I remember one of my friend, who gave me Peach Tea.. Absolutely in perfect hotness, perfect sweet and in a perfect coffee mug.. She had various other flavors too.. Hope she will review about those items in future..

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