Cucumber and Grape Cooler | Juice Fasting Recipe

Juice fasting is one of the best ways to reduce more weight.. Coolers,, the best option during juice fasting.. If you have never tried coolers for breakfast, try soon.. They make us filled, energetic and fresh.. After two hours of having a cooler only, you will get hunger.. Most of the cooler recipes are vitamin-rich.. Initially when my neighbor was talking about coolers, I was not having any idea about it.. I just thought how a simple watery juice is going to keep ourselves filled for a long time.. After making it and having it, I really feel the truth in her words..

This Cucumber, Grape and Lime cooler became familiar to me through a Juice Shop near my house in Mugalivakkam, Chennai.. Once, I watched them adding the ingredients and told them that I am going to try at home.. The owner of the shop just jerked me asking commission for recipe (lol).. Here is that simple filling cooler for you.. Include this when you are juice.. Include this in your weight loss diet to make your diet more interesting..

Cucumber Grape and Lime Cooler

Recipe Source: Chennai Juice Shop |   Preparation Time: 5 minutes    
Servings: 2 of 25 ml |  Calories: 40 per Serving

1 medium sized
Grapes (without seeds)
1/2 medium
Raw Sugar
1 Tablespoon

Step-wise Pictures
Take required ingredients.. Slice cucumber after peeling the skin.. Remove seeds from grapes.. Add cucumber, grapes, raw sugar and lemon juice to the blender..
cucumber cooler

Puree the ingredients.. Add 2 cups of water and strain the juice.. You are done.. Tasty and Tangy cooler is ready..
cucumber cooler

Enjoy the simple sip.. 

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