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I am writing this post based on a few questions asked by my viewers.. I never thought that I will write in these much topics.. What encourages me to write more and more is the questions asked by you people.. The comments I receive in either way (positive or negative) encourages me.. It makes me to learn more and more,, It pushes me to search more and more.. So I wish to thank all those who gave a me very valid comments and I wish to thank all who read my blog continuously..

Recently, I was asked by a few friends,  what sort of exercise to choose for losing weight.. This question cannot be answered by X or Y.. It entirely depends on the situation you are in.. It depends on your health condition.. It depends on your body's flexibility.. It is decided by time and interest factor.. In some way, I can highlight a few point that would help you to decide your mode of exercise..


As far as I know, there is no exercise better than walking to favor a speedy weight loss.. Walking is the best exercise to lose weight.. Other than weight loss walking has a lot more benefits..

What are the benefits of walking ??
  • Walking does not increase heart beat rapidly and hence, people with various blood pressure levels can do it.. 
  • Walking will not be boring..
  • Walking engages all parts of body at the same time and thereby results in an even weight loss..
  • Walking is the best tummy tucking exercise..
  • Walking helps to get rid off muffin top..
  • Walking is diabetic friendly..
  • Walking rarey brings knee or joint pains in people who are much obese, whereas aerobics will not meet this point..

Who cannot choose walking ??
  • Although walking is a good exercise, not everyone get a good trail or park to walk..
  • In my hometown and all, ladies who go for walking are afraid of chain snatching..
  • If we do not have a trail or park, walking on roadsides is very difficult..
  • Everyone cannot afford for Gyms and Treadmills.. Not everyone have time or transport to go to Gyms or Parks..
  • After a timespan (say for 2 months), you need to increase the time and intensity of walking to lose more weight.. Otherwise the weight will not reduce much..
  • Young mothers find it difficult to go for walking.. We cannot blame them..
  • Working women feel it difficult to manage time and walk..
  • Not everyone has same interest.. Not everyone feel comfortable with walking..

I consider, walking is always better to lose more and more weight.. But the people who cannot go for walking, never get discouraged.. You have other options like home-cardio, home-aerobics and simple yogas.. Let us see about the other techniques in future posts..

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