Teddy and His Weight Loss - Cafeteria (Part 1)

Weight loss is always accompanied with too many comments and advises from others.. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative.. But it will be interesting to see those comments and conversations in an audience perspective.. The way people discuss will be different depending upon the places.. In family,  at workplace, at educational institutions and gym the conversation will be even more interesting..

Just to go through those comments and make your mind in advance, I am introducing a new comic serial section "Teddy and His Weight Loss" .. Teddy is on his weight loss diet and let us see how his friends, colleagues, relatives, family and others speak about his diet and weight loss..  First, I am starting it with Cafeteria.. At your Cafeteria, How will your friends comment when you are on weight loss diet ??

My dear Teddies, never over-imagine and take your friend's wrong.. This may be just kidding.. Some of the comments they give might be useful.. So take these comments casually and the key point is never think about interrupting your weight loss journey.. Have a happy weight loss..

......comments continues

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