Flavors of India with a Twist in Taste - Review - Merzi Indian Grill

It was like a Greek and Latin, when I first entered a Merzi.. It was during our trip to Washington I happened to be there.. After a long walk, I was very much tired and my husband took me to Merzi.. I had no idea how the restaurant is going to me.. I simply thought that it is going to have some of the Indian Foods like Parathas and Grilled Meat.. But the menu looked completely different.. It was like a menu in some Mexican Grills.. By the way, I was not that much familiarized with Mexican Dishes at that time.. Nowadays I am experienced in such a way to decently order in Grills..

The menu of Merzi was something different.. I could understand one thing.. It is in some style of other Grills.. I will show you the Menu Card.. I will tell you how to order..

Step 1: You should select a Rice Bowl or Naan as a base or Roti as a base.. Otherwise you can just take a few vegetables as a base and make it as a Chaat.. You can also opt just for lettuce and make it as a Salad..

Step 2: Picking a protein.. They have chicken, lamb, tandoori chicken, beef and vegetables.. You need to select on among them.. I chose chicken and it was too good..

Step 3: Selecting a sauce.. They had onion tomato sauce, mild creamy sauce just like we have in Tikka Masalas, high creamy sauce like Butter Masalas.. I tried mild creamy sauce.. It was really good..

Step 4: Chutneys and Salsas.. All the chutneys are usual North Indian flavored..

They added some grilled cabbage, grilled peppers, grilled sweet corns, fresh onions and grated cheese.. This is just an option.. You can include or not.. That is your wish..

They have some tasty sides too.. In fact, I tried all the sides.. Samosa was too crispy with mildly spiced masala.. Potato Tikka was also too good.. I felt is as little oily.. The naan was a bit hard.. The Mango Fantango is the best.. It was very mildly sweetened.. There was not much cream or milk.. I liked it very much..

So how much was the calories.. Main Course came up to 130 + 180 + 100 + 100 = 510.. I am sure that it cannot be eaten by one person.. I shared it with my husband and he also liked it very much.. The taste was really different and too good.. From this restaurant, I got a new idea to prepare food.. Overall, it is a restaurant with healthy option.. Healthy choice of protein and lot of fresh or grilled veggies.. Check out other details of the restaurant in this Link

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