Preventing Child Obesity - Role of Parents

Child obesity has become a major issue nowadays.. If you get a chance to see a crowd of school students, you could realize the truth in my statement.. In India the percentage of child obesity is increasing year by year.. Almost 2 in 10 children are overweight and at the risk of becoming obese.. It becomes very important for parents to keep an eye over their child's weight.. In our busy schedule, most of us leave their weight unnoticed and in this period some children gain the most weight.. So, it becomes the responsibility of parents to prevent their child from being obese..

Practice a healthy habit and let you children learn from you

It is not that much tough to inculcate good food habits in children.. Mostly children learn food habits from us.. If a little lady sees her mom or dad sitting in front of television with a packet of chips, she learns that.. If a little champ notices his parents just throwing our vegetables from their plate, he will also follow the same.. Am I right ? So they learn most of the food habits from us.. The first thing is we should change ourselves.. We should restrict ourselves from junk foods.. In case we ourselves cannot keep us away from junk foods, we should teach our children a proper portion control.. And never give carbonated drinks to children.. Never make them an addict to restaurant foods.. It harms their health and it is hard to change the addiction.. The key point is, you yourself practising a healthy habit and let your children learn from you..

Periodically monitor your child’s weight

It is always good to periodically monitor your child’s weight and keep a track of it.. Checking weight once in a month would help better.. If your record show a sudden gain, you could change you diet plan.. Before the weight gain drags them to obesity you can definitely check it out.. So check your child’s weight periodically..

Make your child physically active

When they are more active, there is no chance of getting overweight.. So better try making them physically active.. If they are sitting in front of computer for a long time, just ask them some silly help.. They will get up.. If they are adamant, a hug and kiss will help better.. If they sit in a place for a long time, ask them to take a short walk.. Let them do any active work like cycling, walking, playing shuttle likewise..  

Let them never get stressed

What ? Children being stressed out ? Yep.. Children too have stress.. They feel insecure when their parents argue or fight in front of them.. They get stressed when they are compared with somebody at school.. They get stressed when we compel them that their job is only to study.. Make them comfortable at home and make them happy.. At the end of the day whatever we do is for our children.. Discuss with them how they are feeling at schools.. Always ensure that they feel secured and confident, wherever they go..

I hope this article helps you to think for a while about your child’s weight and health.. A few of you may be now recollecting your child’s weight record.. I am happy if you do so.. Our next topic is on how to overcome child obesity.. Till then a bye from your friend, Sabari

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