Step 1 - How to Lose Weight | Understanding the need to lose weight

This is the step one in losing weight.. You must understand the reason why you wish to lose weight.. Not everyone have the same reason.. There is one thread running in common.. It is the thought that we should appear good.. It doesn't mean that being lean is beautiful.. Being fit is what expected.. Weight watchers vary in their age and vary in their reasons.. So you must try to understand your own reasons for losing weight..

In my case, I will say the truth.. I just wanted to appear good and slim.. Many persons had kindled me just for the reason I was fat.. Even my husband kept telling me that I can never lose my weight.. It became a strong padding in my mind.. I have been insulted by sales persons in Textiles.. Whenever I entered, I was not even allowed to look at the regular XL section.. They would automatically push me to XXXL section.. It became very difficult for me.. I have never returned home after shopping with a full satisfaction.. Trial rooms showed me that I was very fat.. And some insults by relatives.. They won't speak in our front..  My mom felt hurt, when they talked at the back.. The feeling cannot be explained.. Is it our fate to face all these difficulties, just because of a few extra Kgs ?? All these made me to be strong in mind.. I took these all insults as my motivation factors for losing weight.. Whenever I feel tempted, I thought of this.. Whenever I felt it difficult to exercise, I thought of this.. This cheered me up to continue going..

Likewise, each and everyone of you might have a reason behind your weight loss.. Some of you might be expecting a weight loss because of some diseases.. Some of you might be trying to reduce weight for you parents.. Some of you might be trying for your husband.. Some of you might be asked by doctors to drop weight for fertility.. Some of you might be doing this for curing knee pain.. Likewise, each and every one of you will have a reason behind losing weight.. My idea is charting down such reasons.. Just go and stand in front of a mirror and recollect all the thing that come to your mind.. Think of all the reasons behind your weight loss aspiration.. Think ! Think ! Think !

After thinking, you must do three things.. 

  1. Buy a Dairy..
  2. Paste your current Photo and your expectation image..
  3. Write down all the problems or insults you faced because of overweight..

Whenever you feel like losing hope and dropping from your weight loss journey, just read this dairy.. It will help you to stick to your goals.. It will encourage you to keep going.. This may look silly to a few .. But the fact is, IT WORKS OUT..
Buy a Dairy

Paste your current photo and future expectation..

Note all the insults and difficulties you faced because of these extra pounds..

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