Step 10 - How to Lose Weight | Modulating Sleep and Wake Up Cycles

There is a lot and lot of connection with sleep wake up cycles and our body weight.. The first advice I give for those who complain about their weight gain is to sleep properly.. Mostly if you notice the reason behind your sudden weight gain, it will be the improper sleep.. There are various reasons why our body tends to gain weight with an improper sleep wake up cycle.. I will tell you one by one..

Benefits of Sleeping Properly
  • It activates the hunger hormones
  • It regulates hunger cycle
  • It helps burning body fat
  • It helps improves body metabolism
  • It avoids late night cravings
  • It makes your brain alert
  • It refreshes your body
  • It makes yourself focused on you diet

How many hours should I sleep ?
7 to 9 hours a day

What is the best position to sleep ?

  • Best position is to sleep on back
  • a kind of OK position is sleeping on left side
  • a kind of moderately OK position is sleeping on right side
  • Worst position is to sleep on stomach
  • Another bad position to sleep is curving yourself as your are in your mother's womb.. That is the worst position that can affect your spine..

How should be your sleeping area ?

  • It should be clean and neat..
  • Cover your bed with light colour clothes..
  • very little light is enough..
  • you could calm yourself with melodies..
  • No cellphones.. No emails.. No gadgets.. No pressures..

What should I do if I work in night shift ?
You must regulate your hours.. In case your shift starts by 9 pm and ends by 6 am in evening, you should regulate your hunger cycle as follows.. Your hunger cycle or sleep wake up ..

  • Morning 8 am - It is actually a breakfast time.. But you should have your lite dinner then.. Make it lite as much as possible to make sure that you don;t put on weight while you sleep.. 
  • Sleep from 9 am to 5 pm.. This should be a continuous 7 hours sleep.. Switch off the lights while you sleep.. Drinking chamomile tea may make you fall asleep soon.. Make sure that you are not disturbed int he sleep.. Never waste time with phones or videos.. Never waste your time by chatting.. Just sleep peacefully..
  • Night 7 pm - It is actually the tiffin time.. You should assume that as breakfast time..
  • From 9 pm to morning 6 am - You can have 3 small meals in this time interval.. This would help you to avoid late night snacking.. Never drink too much of coffee or tea.. Never drink coffee or tea after 6 am, as it will make it hard to sleep in the morning..

What should I do if I have a small baby ?
I can understand your situation.. I have never suggested anybody to lose weight while breast feeding.. So if you are breastfeeding, no need to try weight loss at this instance.. If you are having a small baby but not breast feeding, you can find a way to sleep properly.. It is even OK, if you sleep 5 hours in night and 2 hours in day.. The goal is you should sleep 7 hours per day definitely..

What will happen in I don't sleep properly ?
  • You will start feeling more hungry after your lunch
  • Your metabolism will become slow
  • You may eat more at night
  • You will experience skin dryness and eye irritation
  • You may experience constipation

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