Step 11 - How to Lose Weight | Avoiding Restaurant Foods

I laughed at myself before starting this post.. Yeah,, I am a restaurant lover and I can never keep myself away from a restaurant for continuous to weeks.. I visit new kind of restaurant every 10 days.. I love tasting different flavors.. This makes me tough to avoid restaurant foods.. Still it is my responsibility to tell you the fact that you can never lose weight with your restaurant freakishness..

What are the Negative Effects of Restaurant Foods ? There are too many disadvantages in having restaurant foods or fast foods.. I will list them one by one first..

  • We are not sure what oil they use..
  • We are not able to count calories and most of the restaurants deliver high fat and high calorie foods..
  • There is a chance of getting digestive problems..
  • There is a chance of getting heart burning sensation.
  • There is a chance of getting constipation..
  • It might bring an insulin resistance
  • It might bring high blood pressure
  • It might upset blood sugar levels
  • It brings emotional eating and results in eating more and more food
  • It makes us addicted to restaurant foods
  • Most of the fast foods have an unbalanced salt levels, which may bring in adverse effects in future..
  • The most bad thing is the artificial colors and chemical agents..

What are the challenges in skipping restaurant foods ? It is easy to say that we should stay away from restaurants.. If you think practically, it is much and more difficult.. There are a number of challenges..

  • Your first enemy is your taste buds
  • You might be a hosteler and bored with the food
  • Your team might go for a treat or team lunch
  • You might be in a compulsion to attend business meetings or parties
  • You might not be having time to cook and eat
  • You might be travelling, so that you cannot avoid restaurants

How can you skip restaurant food ? I have told you the challenges.. If I give a few suggestions, it would be helpful.. Remember one thing.. No body can skip restaurants lifetime.. It is of course a crazy idea or oath to take.. What you should remember is, you are going to skip restaurants for a few month and afterwards, you are going to reduce the number of your visits.. It is not a tough thing if you make your mind for the journey..

  • So keep yourself motivated that you are going to hit your most favorite restaurant only after reducing your target pounds..
  • Fix your mind that you are not going to visit a restaurant without losing your targeted weight
  • Keep low calorie snacks and fruits handy to make sure that you never step into a restaurant because of cravings
  • During travels, snack on fruits and manage with gentle restaurant foods.. In my previous posts I asked you to avoid unnecessary travel
  • Learn how to eat effectively on a diet day, before you go to a party.. For Indian taste buds, I have already wrote a post on how to eat effectively on a dieting day.. Read the post to keep yourself with a good idea..
  • If you are a hosteler or staying alone, stock a lot of fruits and low calorie snacks.. Also learn how wise you can be in choosing restaurant foods..

Who should be very cautious and strictly avoid restaurant foods ? If you are only a few pounds overweight, you can have your cheat diet at your favorite restaurant.. But keep in minds that is just once or twice in a week.. I am going to list some people who should think twice or thrice before reaching the steps of a restaurant..
  • Those who have PCOD or PCOS and may be overweight or not
  • Those who have very oily skin and trying to lose weight
  • Those who are diabetic
  • Those who have harmonal disorders and trying to lose weight
  • Those who have severe constipation and trying to lose weight
  • Those who are extremely overweight 

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