Step 12 - How to Lose Weight | Having a Regular Breakfast

In the previous sections we learnt how we have to set our mind, start drinking water, sleep properly and make ourselves ready to lose weight.. The next step is having a proper breakfast.. If you skip breakfast, you are never going to achieve anything great in your weight loss journey.. If you are not willing to have a proper breakfast, better leave your thoughts about weight loss.. I am damn sure that a regular breakfast can make you eat less and burn more calories.. Before seeing the advantages of having a regular breakfast, let us see the top ten excuses we have for not having breakfast..

Ten Excuses for not having a proper Breakfast

  • I am a busy mom.. I'm managing two many things.. 
  • I am a busy home maker and I have a lot of responsibilities on my shoulder
  • I am late to office.. I need to drive and so I can't eat right now..
  • I am late to school or college.. I have exams, practicals or seminars.. So I skip..
  • I am a working women, who needs to travel.. I cannot travel, if I eat and go.. 
  • I am in sorrow.. How can I eat, when I worry ?
  • I am travelling.. I cannot eat properly at right time..
  • I am working in shifts.. I cannot have a proper breakfast..
  • I am trying to lose weight and hence skipping food.. I will cut off a few calories right..
  • I am bored of cooking.. So will have both breakfast and lunch afternoon..

Do these reasons look reasonable ? These are the words we use commonly and now look silly when written down.. There is nothing important than our health.. Not only for those who try losing weight.. I am saying this to everyone.. Never skip your breakfast.. If I tell the advantages of having breakfast and the ill effects of not having proper breakfast, it will help you to understand better..

Benefits of having Regular Breakfast

  • Your Metabolism will be boosted up..
  • Your digestive system will function properly..
  • You brain will function properly..
  • Assimilation will be more and you will get all the needed vitamins and minerals..
  • You will get fresh energy to work for the rest of the day..
  • It will increase your concentration and make you work fast..
  • Your memory power will increase..
  • Your sugar levels will be manged and risk of getting diabetes decreases..
  • Risk of getting heart diseases decreases..
  • It guarantees a long term health..

Ill effects of skipping a Breakfast

  • Chance of getting Head Ache and Giddiness
  • Chance of getting peptic ulcers
  • There is a chance of getting hormonal disorders and obesity
  • You body weight will become difficult to manage
  • There is a probability for getting menstrual disorders
  • It may increase your cravings
  • Your sugar levels will fluctuate and increases risk of diabetes
  • You memory power will decrease
  • Your timing sense will become less
  • Your metabolism will start decreasing
  • There is a chance of lowering your immunity

How should be your breakfast constitution ?

  • You should eat your breakfast within two hours of waking up
  • 25 to 35 % of your daily calorie needs should come from your breakfast
  • It should contain a simple carbohydrate, a simple lean protein, easily digestible vegetable or a fruit or fruit juice, 

Some Samples for Breakfast

  • If you ask me what is the best breakfast example, I will tell you it is Idlis and Sambar.. Simple Carbs, Simple Protein, Cooked Vegetables in Sambar will make a wonderful breakfast.. Nothing can beat it.. 
  • Red rice puttu or any millet puttu with bananas and cooked moong dhal is also a nice breakfast to have.. You can also have kadalai curry/ chick peas masala curry if you like spicy version..
  • If you wish to make it too simple, you can have any sweet porridge with fruits.. Savory porridge with spicy thogayal is also a nice breakfast..
  • At the same time, if you wish you can have a peanut bread sandwich with juices.. Anyways sticking to your regional taste will help you..

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