Step 13 - How to Lose Weight | Planning Portion Control

Portion Control just tells you how much you need to eat and how should be the split up.. Knowing portion control helps you a lot to alter you current food diet and maintain a healthy journey.. Portion control tells you how the constituents of your food will be in terms of carbs, proteins and fat.. It is not a technique which tells you how much calories you should eat.. Instead it tells you how to split those calories to follow a weight loss diet.. There are a number of portion controlling techniques.. Let us see one by one in detail..
  • Technique 1: Portion Control based on Calories 
  • Technique 2: Cutting 1/3 parts of current food
  • Technique 3: Altering Carbs, Protein and Fiber Ratio
  • Technique 4: Cutting half of current foods and Replacing with Fruits and Veggies
Portion Control Based on Calories

This is a generally followed portion control technique in which you need to count your calories.. Out of your total calories, 30 to 40% should be from proteins.. Only 10 to 15 % should be from fat.. Rest of the 50 to 60 % can be from carbs and mostly with more fiber.. This rule is completely calorie based and it is a bit hard to manage.. Assume that you need 1400 calories per day.. Take 800 from carbs, 400 from protein and roughly 200 from fat..

Cutting 1/3 parts of current Food

This is our old technique.. Just cut one third portion in your regular meal.. If you have one cup coffee, make it 2/3 cup.. If you have one cup rice, make it 2/3 cup.. This rule goes in this way and it is very simple to understand.. But following is a bit difficult as mostly we don't concentrate on proteins.. Proteins are the important components of our food, which keeps you full.. If your stomach is not full, you will fall into the trap of cravings.. And I think that this rule will not work in long run.. 

Altering Carbs, Protein and Fiber Ratio

This can be easily done by substituting different ingredients.. If you are having carbs, you are going to have the one with low glycemic index.. I mean take time to release glucose.. And fat is decrease, while protein is increased in your diet..

Cutting half of current foods and Replacing with Fruits and Veggies

This is an interesting combination.. Cut half of your rice and replace it with vegetables.. Cut half of the carbs in breakfast and dinner.. Replace it with fruits.. And you should keep in mind that you need to include enough protein.. 

I personally feel that we should follow all these rules and frame ourselves a technique.. I will show you my technique..

  • Include those foods that release glucose slowly (vegetables,brown rice and millets)
  • Reduce Dairy Products
  • Have one portion of fruits and one portion of carbs for breakfast
  • Have one portion of carbs, one portion of protein and 2 portions of vegetables for lunch
  • Have one portion of carbs, one portion of protein and one portion of vegetables for dinner
  • Have a low fat and low calorie dessert or snack
  • Count your calories, at least roughly

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