Step 14 - How to Lose Weight | Making Dietary Changes

In the last part, we learnt that we should learn portion control for dieting.. In this post, we are going to see the dietary changes we are going to make.. I am going to list all the substitutions you can make in your diet.. I hope this will be helpful to you..

Avoiding Completely

  • Avoid any processed food
  • Avoid carbonated drinks
  • It is better to avoid chicken.. You can have sea food and mutton.. So you have chance to include some non-veg on your plate..
  • Reduce the amount of oil you use for cooking..
  • Avoid restaurant foods as much as possible..
  • Reduce some salt in you food..
  • Avoid using soy sauce.. Also reduce the usage of tomato sauce, and ketch ups.. 

Replacing with Substitutes

  • Replace bleached flour/ all purpose flour with whole wheat flour.. This is what they call as replace white bread with wheat bread..
  • Reduce your white rice 50%.. Start including red rice or brown rice.. Samai/ Little Millet can also be a nice substitute to rice..
  • Replace all your fruit juices with fruits.. Still, you can fill yourself with detoxification smoothies and drinks..
  • It is better to have only egg whites.. I mean, you should avoid yolk..
  • You can have coffee and tea.. I won't ask you to have black coffee or black tea.. You can add little milk.. 
  • Replace your white sugar with raw sugar(brown) or jaggery..
  • Replace fried snacks or starters with tawa grilled or oven baked..

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