Step 24 - How to Lose Weight | Pain Points in following a Weight Loss Diet

Some of you might exclaim seeing this heading.. For many people, weight loss diet itself is a paint point.. What to tell ?? I was also like that.. Till you start following any diet regimen with determination, you will not be able to feel the difficulties in it.. But those who have followed any diet, may be a successful or the one broken in mid, must know the pain point I am going to list.. Those who are planning to follow any diet, just read the below lines.. This would help you to face the difficulties.. Knowing the problems or failure points before starting anything will definitely prepare your mind to overcome it..

Paint Point 1: Suddenly adapting to portion control

That is a fact.. No body can change their habit in one day.. Food habit is also one such thing.. Reducing the food we eat or alternating the proportion of food is but difficult.. No one is an exception to this burdensome situation.. Some carbs lovers will have difficulty in reducing it and alternating it with protein.. Those who have sweet-tooth will find it hard to reduce.. And emotional eaters and stress eaters find it difficult to restrict themselves with a controlled portion.. Some people find it difficult to measure and eat their food.. So adapting to a portion control is one notable pain point..

Paint Point 2: Preparing, Cooking and Tasting Diet Recipes

Those who are just a few kgs overweight will not come under the shadow of this point.. Most of the people, who are considerably obese really need more concentration in finding special foods that would help in dieting.. Some of them are ignorant of such recipes.. Some live in families and feel it difficult to prepare something separately.. Some of them feel it inconvenient with the taste.. So this is also a paint point which came to my mind immediately when I thought of this topic.. 

Paint Point 3: An impression that something is lacking in weight loss diet

No one is an exception to this feeling.. Whenever we diet to loss weight, we will start feeling down.. Not more than 2 weeks is needed for this feeling.. Some people will start feeling week.. Some will feel they miss desserts.. Some will feel they miss their crispy french fries.. Of course, this feeling is very very hard to go through.. But no other go.. We have to face this confidently and balance in such a way we are not bored at all.. We should treat ourselves often to overcome..

Paint Point 4: Temptation during outside Parties and Treats

My God !! from where do these parties come, when we start our weight loss diet ?? Whenever I start my weight loss diet, I will get a lot of invites for parties.. Once we see all items at a time, we will just break our rules and have more than usual.. The effect of this temptation will continue for next few days and again we need to start from the scratch.. This is one paint point, very difficult to manage.. I don't have any solution for this one, as me myself have failed multiple times..

Pain Point 5: Travelling and Outstays 

Yep.. Nobody can avoid family trips and business travels just for the reason that we are on diet.. But we cannot expect only our expected breakfast, lunch or dinner there.. Sometimes our favorite regional foods that we will not get anywhere else will tempt us.. And street foods,,, no questions to ask.. We will grab it at sight.. We tend to eat there more sometimes.. That is also a paint point.. But it is not tough or hard as others..

Hope you guyz read through the post and got some idea on weight loss dieting.. I wish to post more on this topic and the steps to tackle the above said points.. In my future posts, I will wrote on those.. Make your mind to face all these paint points efficiently.. Have a happy weight loss dieting :)

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