Step 3 - How to Lose Weight | SWOT Analysis for Losing Weight

I don't know how many of you are scolding me.. Is really a must to do SWOT analysis for losing weight ? Is it that much tedious process to lose weight ? If you ask me these questions I will definitely say "YES".. As per me, you cannot restrict yourself to a weight loss without proper planning.. You will lose 2 Kgs, will be satisfied and then this feeling will make you to eat more sometimes.. This happened to me and most of the weight watchers.. That is why, I am asking you to do such analysis..

SWOT - Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats

Strength - What is you strength in this journey ? It may be your will power.. It may be your love for fruits and vegetables.. It may be your love for green tea.. It may be your knowledge in yoga or any kind of strength training.. It may be your flexibility to do Yogas.. It may be your stamina to continuously walk.. It may be your parents and friends circle who motivate you.. It may be your body nature which responds to diet and exercise soon.. So you should analyse and find out your strength first..

Weakness - What is the bad thing about you in following a lifestyle change.. It may be your mentality to discontinue any diet.. It may be your confidence level which goes low often.. It may be your health which becomes weak during dieting.. It may be your cravings.. It may be your sweet-tooth.. It may be yourself not willing to have diet food.. Weakness is whatever issues you will create to yourself.. You should make points down..

Opportunities - The external factors which would help you to continue you weight loss journey successfully.. I will list our the opportunities I have now.. I have a park and trail nearby.. I can go for walking in a natural trail.. I have a gym nearby and it is very easy to visit the gym often.. I am living in a nuclear family and my husband too eats the Millets and Diet food I cook in my home.. My kid leaves me to do yoga at home.. I don't work in night shifts and it is very easy for me to sleep properly.. I have plenty of fruits and vegetables stocked at my home.. I have a speedy WiFi which can help me to search anything in internet and download videos related to weight loss..

Threats - The external factor, acting as threats to you journey.. It may be your travel routine.. It may the hormone problem.. It may be a PCOD.. It may be  your night shift.. It may be the reason that you are trying to have a baby and cannot do heavy exercises everyday.. It may be the reason that you have a busy kid, which will not leave you free more than minutes.. It may be your busy work schedule.. It may be the sedentary nature of your work.. It may be your examinations.. It may be your overfeeding mom or wife :( A lot more weaknesses are there in the grounds of weight loss..

The above said analysis should be done and charted down in a dairy as I said yesterday.. Whenever you come across a threat, you will realize that it is an expected one.. It is better to try a weight loss only if

Opportunities > Threats and
Strength > Weakness

Otherwise, you must strengthen yourself in all grounds and then try for a weight loss plan..

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