Step 6 - How to Lose Weight | Reading other Weight Loss Stories to get INSPIRED

We need inspiration and role model for everything right ? We can also get many ideas from other weight watchers.. Also their before and after photos will encourage you much to start and proceed a journey.. They will definitely tell you the reasons for weight loss and will make you feel that you can definitely lose weight.. The advantage is they will boost up your confidence.. I would suggest you to go through some blogs, weight loss success stories and videos regarding weight loss..

This idea is one I got from Herbalife.. Yep, I tried that too for a few week and discontinued because of some advice (also cost factor).. But I learnt two important things from them.. First is drinking 3.5 liters of water per day.. Second is the pamphlet they gave had a lot of weight loss stories.. The before and after pictures inspired me a lot.. I just went ahead and had the drink just because of the inspiration from those pictures.. Though I did never followed the product again in my life, I continued to apply the inspirational factor.. Referring some weight loss stories before starting a weight loss journey.. Second time when I planned for natural and healthy weight loss, I read a number of weight loss stories..

In this post, I will list out a few stories.. Those stories will inspire you.. I wish everyone should read those stories before starting their weight loss journey.. C'mon let us go through the list and come back to this post after that..

Neetu's Weight Loss Success Story with Yoga and Simple Diet Changes
Kishan's Weight Loss Success Story with Calorie Conscious Diet
Lakshmi's Weight Loss after Pregnancy with Simple Lifestyle Changes
Success Stories of a few Bollywood Actresses
Kanan's Weight Loss Story - She has mentions her trials and results 
Mayuri's Weight Loss Story - Noteworthy Lifestyle Changes
Swati's Stunning Weight Loss Story - Quiet fast one

These stories will definitely inspire you guys to start your own journey with a big bang.. Once you finish reading these stories, you will understand why I asked you guyz to go through these..

Bookmark these pages and go through whenever you are feeling depressed in you weight loss journey.. Also share this post and share this list of blogs with your friends, who aim to lose weight..

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