Step 8 - How to Lose Weight | Understanding Detoxification

When we talk about weight loss, most of us expect a fast and furious journey.. We need to lose more weight as soon as possible.. In that case, only exercise and food diet is not going to help.. You need to do something extra.. What is that ? Of course, having detoxification drinks.. Most of you would have been familiar with the term detoxification.. It is very important to include detox juices and smoothies, if you are on a weight loss diet.. How much benefit you have from a Green Tea, that much benefit you obtain from Detoxification Smoothies and Juices.. 

What are the benefits of having Detoxification Drinks ?
  1. Improves our digestion
  2. Refreshes our cells
  3. Makes the metabolism fast
  4. Burns more fat
  5. Good for PCOD
  6. Nourishes with Vitamins
What are the types of Detoxification Drinks ?
  1. Detoxification Smoothies ( thick creamy consistency)
  2. Detoxification Juices ( juices with detox nature)
  3. Detoxification Waters ( some natural ingredients soaked overnight and drank the next day)
  4. Infused Drinks ( juices and some natural ingredients soaked overnight and drank the next day)
How does the Detox drinks taste ?
  1. Detoxification Smoothies - Very Good
  2. Detoxification Juices - Good
  3. Detoxification Waters - Better
  4. Infused Drinks - Better
What is the right time to have Detox drinks ?
  1. Detoxification Smoothies - As a breakfast
  2. Detoxification Juices - As a brunch or evening snack
  3. Detoxification Waters - Early in the morning
  4. Infused Drinks - Better - Early in the morning for best results
What should be the frequency of having Detox Drinks ?
  1. Detoxification Smoothies - It will be good even if you have Everyday
  2. Detoxification Juices -  It will be good even if you have Everyday
  3. Detoxification Waters - Alternative days is good
  4. Infused Drinks - Better - Once in a week, will give better results
Is it a must to include a detox drink in my diet ?
I won't say so.. It will just speed up the process and makes you healthy.. It is one of the tricks to lose weight fast..

Refer a few Detoxification Drinks from this Website

Detoxification Smoothies


Detoxification Juices


Infused Drinks


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