Step-wise Guide | How to Lose Weight Naturally

Losing weight is not that much difficult if you know the basics of losing weight.. Many of my friends have started asking me the steps to lose weight.. So this is right time to start posting on weight loss tips and steps.. Weight loss will happen only if you go through a series of steps.. This sequence of steps will collectively result in a successful and healthy weight loss..

Before starting this section, I wish to tell you, who is my guide for weight loss.. I must thank two Doctors for guiding me.. I have seen most of the Doctors advice us to lose weight.. If we ask them how, they would ask us to do be o food diet and do some exercises.. This advice will work for slightly overweight people.. For the people who are obese, we need a lot more lifestyle changes.. And every individual have a number of doubts.. I was also in such a situation years back.. It was two doctors who really encouraged me to lose weight..

I wish to thank Dr. Krishna Surendran and Dr. Arun Chand.. These two doctors gave advice and motivated a lot to lose weight.. Dr. Arun is a Dermatologist.. Once I discussed with him, he shared his own weight loss experience.. He guided me with an elaborated advice.. Dr Krishna is my sweet heart.. She looks beautiful and charming.. She also shared her own weight loss experience.. She gave a lot of encouragement and tips.. If you are in and around Nagercoil, you could meet her and get lots of advice for losing weight.. I made a not of their consultation and started searching internet.. Based on their advice only I started my weight loss journey.. So it is a must to thank them.. Thank you so much Doctors..

I will list down the steps to lose weight.. From today, I there will be one post covering the topic.. Follow this post continuously.. You will definitely have answers for most of your questions.. Again, I am not going to suggest you any product or scheme.. So keep reading ..

Topics Covered

  1. Understanding the need to lose weight
  2. Understanding the nature of your body
  3. SWOT Analysis - Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats Analysis of Losing Weight
  4. Measuring Current Weight, Height and Medical Conditions
  5. Planning and Weight Loss Goal Setting
  6. What is success factor to lose weight
  7. Motivating yourself to lose weight
  8. Reading other weight loss stories to get inspired
  9. Understanding the perseverance needed for weight loss
Lifestyle Changes
  1. Drinking enough Water
  2. Understanding Detoxification
  3. Drinking Herbal Teas
  4. Modulating Sleep - Wake Up Cycles
  5. Avoiding Restaurant Foods
  6. Having a Regular Breakfast
Dietary Changes
  1. Planning Portion Control
  2. Making Dietary Changes
  3. Understanding calories
  4. Understanding the importance of Proteins
  5. Measuring your own food intake
  6. Planning a detailed weight loss Food Diet
  7. Including Fruits
  8. Including Vegetables
  9. Including Millets
  10. Learning Various Diet Recipes
  11. Diet Challenges of Working Women
  12. Diet Challenges of Hostellers
  13. Diet Challenges in Joint Families
  14. Diet Challenges of those who have Sweet Tooth
  15. Diet Challenges of PCODers
  16. Paint Points in weight loss diet
  17. Managing Diets during Parties or Treats
Exercise Changes
  1. Understanding the importance of exercises
  2. Walking - For Weight Loss
  3. Simple Cardio workouts at Home
  4. Doing Suryanamaskar at Home
  5. Yoga at Home
  6. Yoga for PCOD
  7. Breathing exercises to lose weight
  8. Meditation to lose weight
Managing Lost Weight
  1. Switching from weight loss diet to weight management diet
  2. Switching from weight loss cycle to weight management cycle
  3. Managing Current Weight
  4. Simple Lifestyle Changes

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