Pineapple and Green Tea Cooler | Detox Drink for Weight Loss

pineapple cooler

This is another tasty cooler that would help you to lose more and more weight. This cooler keeps your digestive system clean and it refreshes your cells. After you drink this cooler, you will feel refreshed. This is very simple to make. If you are already bored of having more green tea, you will definitely you will definitely like this cooler very much. This is one of the best ways to make green tea tasty. It also has some other health benefits

pineapple cooler

Pineapple and Green Tea Cooler

Recipe Source: Magazines
Preparation time: Chilling Time: Yield 2 cups (1 servings)
Serving size: 1 serving | Calories per serving: 80

Pineapple Cubes - 6 to 10

Lemon - half

Honey - 2 teaspoons

Green Tea - 1 cup

Quick Procedure
1. Take pineapple cubes and lemon juice in a blender.

2. Grind them to a puree.

3. Make hot green tea and add honey. Stir it well.

4. Chill it in fridge for few minutes.

Step-wise Procedure

pineapple cooler

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