Preparing yourself for GM Diet - Shopping, Stocking and Packing

Three basic steps to be on GM Diet
  • Quit Smoking and Alcohol for the 7 days
  • Drink Enough Water and then make it as a habit
  • Have Enough Sleep. It is a must.
  • Once you decide to be on GM Diet, you should start shopping. Yes, there is a need for spending some extra bucks on fruits and vegetables. 
  • You should list out your favorite fruits, vegetables and then shop them. 
  • In case you have some shop nearby, just buy for first two days and then proceed. 
  • If you don't have a stock of brown rice, you need to buy it and learn how to cook it. 
  • You should also buy the ingredients of Wonder Soup and learn the recipe.

  • The next step is stocking them properly in fridge. Stock them in such a way that you can have them immediately, when you feel hungry. 
  • Oranges can be peeled and stored in a box. Pomegranate granules can be separated and stored in a box. Pineapple can be cut and stored. Same way, water melon and honey dew can also be stored. Guava and Grapes can be washed and drained with a towel. Apple will get oxidized if you do so. Hence, don't cut it earlier. 
  • For the second day diet, you need to cut and stock vegetables.

  • If you stay at home, it will not be a big task to take something, wash, cut and eat at the time you feel hungry. Working people cannot do so. They need to cut and properly pack things. I already told you how to store the fruits. 
  • In addition, you need to take apples to office. Wash apples in salt water and then store it in a box. It will remain fresh. 
  • You can carry fresh vegetables as well as boiled vegetables in boxes. It is quiet easy task. 
  • Also you need to pack some wonder soup to you work place. 
  • On milk and banana day, you need to take more milk in a bottle. 
  • You need a one liter water bottle. Fill it with water and carry it to make sure you drink water often.


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