Step 19 - How to Lose Weight | Planning a Weight Loss Food Diet

Before planning your food diet, the first job you need to do is consulting a Dietitian.. You might think whether it is important to do so.. You will understand the importance of them only if you meet and discuss with them.. They advice a lot.. They mention you the changes you can make in your own diet.. They will first ask you allergies, current diet and favorite food.. After that they will suggest the changes we can make in the regular food.. They will just list a few food items that would help us.. If we ask them and compel them for a diet chart, they will give as some quick charts.. It will be having kind of our usual food items.. Nothing upside down.. If the dietitian finds that our habit is completely an unhealthy one, they will definitely give a diet chart, which will be entirely different form our regular menu.. And mostly a registered dietitian will suggest a 5 or 6 meal plan..

During my first visit, I never thought that she is going to give me some valuable point.. I found some number in yellow pages and just ringed her up for a discussion.. She belonged to my nativity and it was quite easy for me to mingle with her.. She said that she is not currently working full time, as she is taking are of her child and missed to delete number form yellow pages.. I was totally disappointed.. I thought she is not going to help me.. But she was patient enough to answer my questions and she only told me to just make modification than completely changing the menu.. She is the one who inspired me to search for low fat and low calorie recipes.. She also suggested some books and thats it.. I never had a second chance to talk to her.. But the advises she gave were useful..

As of now, I am consulting my cousin sister, who is doing her post- graduate degree  in Nutrition and Dietetics.. Free of cost, I get a lot of healthy recipes from her dairy.. I have a nearby shop (ShopRite) which conducts "free weight loss programs".. They have an RD giving lectures and suggesting people.. I use the plan to shoot out my questions..

My suggestion is to consult a proper dietitian or doctor, before framing your diet.. For those who find it very difficult, I am going to tell how should be your food diet framed.. This one is based on their suggestion.. But you must adjust this plan or method to your comfort zone.. This might help people who have constraints..

  • Meal should be broken into Breakfast, Brunch, Lunch, Evening Snack and Dinner
  • You breakfast and lunch should be rich in protein
  • One green tea or any other herbal teas must be included
  • You can have coffee.. You must decrease quantity of milk or sugar or total amount of coffee itself.. 
  • You must include a protein rich recipe in your diet.
  • You should include more vegetables in you diet.
  • Have rice and brown rice on alternative days
  • Include millet recipes
  • Include some low calorie desserts
  • Make a list with such items and then assign a quantity you need
  • If you are a hosteler, you must be very careful in framing such charts
  • If your mom or wife is cooking, make them aware that you need the items
  • If you are self cooking, don't eat more in the naming of tasting
  • Cut all the restaurant food items
  • Above all the point, drink right amount of water at regular intervals

Sample Food Suggestions

Early Morning
You could choose anything like
1) Lemon and Honey
2) Any herbal tea
3) Black coffee with little milk
4) Any detoxification drink or infused drink
You could choose anything from
1) Any Millet Dosa with Light Chutney (very less oil)
2) Any Regular Dosa with Light Chutney (very less oil)
3) Samai or Kuthiraivali Pongal with Sambhar
4) Regualr Puttu or Millet Puttu with banana
5) Regular Idiyappam or Millet Idiyappam with Kurma
6) Any kind of Porridge with Thogayal

Quick Readymix Breakfasts
1) Oats Porridge
2) Corn Flakes
3) Ragi Sweet Porridge
4) Breakfast Smoothies (light)
Any fruits snacks or sugarless juices..
Start with some vegetable Salads
Include any form of protein

After that include anything like
1) Chapathi with Dal and Vegetables
2) Brown Rice as Variety Rice and Vegetables
3) Rice with Dal and Vegetables
4) Wheat Bread Sandwiches
5) Wraps and Rolls with lot of vegetables
Evening Snacks (optional)

but include if you are working and will be late to reach home for dinner
Any low calorie snack like
1) baked snacks,
2) smoothies,
3) rolls and wraps
4) sprouts or peas
5) Hot soups
Evening Drinks
Herbals Teas
Tea or Coffee with Light Milk
You could choose anything from
1) Any Millet Dosa with Light Chutney (very less oil)
2) Any Regular Dosa with Light Chutney (very less oil)
3) Regular Idiyappam or Millet Idiyappam with Kurma
4) Chapathis with Veg Kurma
Late Night Snacks
Pop Corn or Home Made Popsicles or just Apples

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