Step 22 - How to Lose Weight | Diet Challenges of Working Women, Hostelers, Joint Families and Sweeth Tooth

We have already seen how to make the dietary changes. We had enough details about that.. Now it is time to see the challenges faced by some other people. I will also list out the steps you should take to overcome the challenges. I have been a hosteler.. I have been a working woman and I am still having sweet tooth. So I could definitely help out.

Challenges of Working Women
Really hectic.. Running out of time every time.. These pretty lads suffer from lack of sleep and they find it difficult to make special recipes for them.. Also travels make them more tired.. I am suggesting the following tips to take care of.

  • Concentrate and learn some quick and easy recipes..
  • Carry a small box of fiber biscuits and cut fruits.
  • In mid of your work, just stand and walk a little. Do minor stretches.
  • Prepare ready mix items in weekends
  • If you can't exercise daily, walk a little in weekends
  • Learn how to be wise during team lunch
  • Drink lots of water during travel

Challenges of Hostelers
These guyz will start shouting us if we ask them to eat this and that. Because they won't get whatever they want in hostels.. Let us see the tips for them.

  • Oats, Wheat Bread, Fruits, Cucumbers, Tomatoes and Carrots are their best friends.  They can buy and stock these thing.. 
  • Quick Oats and Corn Flakes might replace your breakfast..
  • Mostly spare some bucks and buy chapathis for lunch.
  • Have very small quantity of the available dinner
  • Have fruits or pop-corns as you late night snacks
  • Never get discouraged if your fellow room mates just kid you because of diet
  • Drink lots pf water
  • Don't chat or watch movies in midnight.. Just try sleeping properly.
  • Talk to your hostel mess committees and try to have some diet options in your food

Challenges of  Joint Families
This is one of the challenges I heard from my friend recently.. Mostly we are living in nuclear family. We have a lot of freedom in buying and cooking the food, which we need for our diet lifestyle.

  • Talk to you family member that you barely need some changes in your diet
  • You could convince them to have millet recipes along with you
  • You could convince them also to turn healthy
  • Never get tempted because of treats in you family
  • Gooseberries and guavas are cheap fruits you can stock more, if you have budget constraints
  • You can try to cut the quantity of food to half portion
  • Drink more water, buttermilk and neeragaram, if it is tough to stock low fat snacks

Challenges of Sweet Tooth
This is the most tough thing.. I myself have sweet tooth and this makes it tough to follow my diet.. I will go mad, if I am threatened not to have some sweets.. I am that much fond of sweets. But during weight loss diet, cutting of sugars and sweets is really difficult. Here are some points for those who have sweet tooth.

  • Have more and more apples
  • Never use artificial sweeteners. They are not good for health.
  • Try some gluten free dessert recipes
  • Try some low calorie dessert recipes
  • Have some low fat yogurts
  • Have some low fat frozen yogurts
  • Have some palm sugar desserts
  • I feel skipping a dessert is far better, as one sweet will drag few more into your gut.

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