Step 26 - How to Lose Weight | Importance of Exercises in Losing Weight

When I started my weight loss journey initially, I thought I could achieve it with just some deadly diet. When days passed by, I understood what I thought is entirely wrong. I have also been in some instant meal replacement programs, which suggested me to be on their shakes and teas. I was able to achieve a significant weight loss. But the problem came in managing the attained weight. Also my metabolism became poor and my skin and muscles started sagging. I became tensed much because of this. After a few days, I got opportunity to walk for nearly 3 kms a day. I just combined a healthy diet with 3 kms of walking. I really worked.

After two months of this walking and diet, I was able to achieve my expected weight loss. I was working at that time and happened to sit for a long time. I observed that it caused a weight gain around my waist. A small walk after lunch and walking around the campus for 20 minutes in evening helped to manage the weight. Again in my second phase of weight loss after pregnancy and deliver, I applied this formula. First started with lifestyle changes, drinking water, diet changes, home aerobics and then walking for 4 kms per day. This resulted in considerable weight loss and tight muscles. I could feel that my muscles getting toned. Once I started returning to usual south Indian diet, it did not hurt me. It did not result in any weight gain. Because, I just lost fat. I did not lose muscles, which would decrease my metabolic rate.

This is the reason why doctors advice us to include some exercises along with diet. I have readers from a number of categories. Those who all read this section, should be also given a piece of advice based on their situation. C'mon let us see the various options available to do proper exercises.

  • Those who have parks nearby and time to spend must wake up early and walk for 30 minutes
  • Those who have gyms nearby should hit a gym as soon as possible. Your continuous visits to gym only will show you results. You must remember that exercises will give you 20% of weight loss and mostly it will be a fat loss.  Hence, remember your weight loss diet and never expect faster results.
  • Those who have babies or just some other household chores, just do some home aerobics
  • Those who are working and following a hectic schedule, concentrate more on week ends.
  • If you have a work nature with very low physical activity, stand every one hour and give some stretches. Walk around your campus in afternoons. I'm spending 6 hours in blogging and sitting for a long time. I gained nearly 4 pounds just because of this work nature. This happened instead of a strict diet. So keep in mind and exercise a little.
  • Those who stay in flats and feel uncomfortable to jump, just do some yogas.
  • Those who love playing, just go for tennis or play shuttle

How should be a proper exercise session ?

  • 15 - 20 minutes of cardio - walking, cycling, jogging, tennis, shuttle, 10 suryanamaskars or home aerobics
  • 5-10 minutes of upper body exercise or 3 types of upper body yoga
  • 5-10 minutes of abdominal crunches or 3 types of abdominal yoga
  • 5-10 minutes of calming down planks or 3 types of calming down yoga
  • In addition to these PCOD special exercise, if you have PCOD
  • In addition to these you can also include some breathing practices (if you have enough time)

Some relaxations for those who have constraints

I always feel that something is better than nothing. If you cannot do all the exercises at a time, just do for 20 minutes. It is more than enough.

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