Step 28 - How to Lose Weight | Simple Cardio Workouts at Home

Not everyone will get a good park or natural trail to walk.. Not everyone will get an opportunity to visit gyms. Even if they get a chance, their work schedule may be a hindrance for regular visits. I must consider all the cases, while suggesting something for losing weight. For that particular reason, I am writing this post. This is exclusively for those who cannot get a park or gym. This is the most suitable one for working women and busy mothers. Make a note of these cardio workouts and use the list. Before listing them, I need to tell the importance of cardio workout.

Uses of Cardio Workouts
  1. It improves the body metabolism
  2. It if good for heart
  3. It improves hormonal disorders
  4. It is good for people who have diabetes
  5. It reduces stress level
  6. It helps in losing weight
  7. It makes you sweat and removes waste water from the body
  8. Cardio Vascular exercises act as a natural hunger suppressant
  9. It is good for treating Poly Cystic Ovarian Disease
  10. It strengthens body and mind

Precautions in doing Cardio Workouts
  1. People having knee and joint pains should visit your doctor before doing cardio workouts. It is better to wear some precautionary belts and proper shoes.
  2. People having higher blood pressure should consult a doctor and should avoid doing high intensity workouts.
  3. People having heart related problems should consult their doctor and should avoid doing high intensity workouts.
  4. People having diabetes should keep some instant glucose on hand and should take 1 teaspoon, if they feel giddy.  
  5. We should get some advice from doctors post-surgery and then start workouts

Some of the cardio workouts you can do at your home itself (from youtube)

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