What is GM Diet | How to Lose Weight with GM Diet ?

Many of my viewers ask some questions about GM Diet. Most of us are really in need of a fast weight loss plan. At least for first few weeks we need a faster weight loss and a diet plan associated with it. We would have heard a lot about GM Diet in most of the websites and this may be the reason behind it. As a blog on health and weight loss diet, I must tell something about GM Diet. First I will answer a few frequently asked questions.

What is GM Diet ?
It is a 7 days diet plan introduced by General Motors for the sake of their employees. The diet results in detoxification, weight loss and refreshment.

Is GM Diet really effective ?
Yes, it is really effective. It shows significant reduction in weight. It also makes our skin shine, because of detoxification.

How much weight can be reduced by GM Diet ?
Women can lose 5-7 pounds and Men can lose 7-9 pounds.

Is there a possibility of gaining weight again ?
Yes. A few pounds may increase, when you switch back to your regular diet. If you continue any other weight loss diet plan after GM Diet, there will not be any gain of the lost weight. Even after reaching a normal weight, you should follow a weight maintaining diet.

How often can be a GM Diet followed ?
Once you complete GM Diet successfully, you should give a gap of two weeks. And then you can start the next GM Diet session. In the gap of two weeks, you should be on a good protein-rich weight loss diet

Can anyone follow GM Diet ?
Persons with very normal physical conditions can follow this diet. Others who have diabetes, cardiac problems or other significant health related issues should consult doctor before following this diet. Children should consult doctor and follow their advice.

What are the basic things in this diet ?
  • Quit Smoking, Alcohol Intake or any other Drug Intake
  • Drink 4 liters of water per day
  • Buy and stock more fruits and vegetables
  • Sleep for 8 hours continuously

What are the side effects of GM Diet ?
Hair loss, Muscle loss and little unbalance in micro nutrients. But all these are manageable. Giving two weeks of gap between consecutive GM Diet session would reduce hair loss. After reducing weight completely, take iron and vitamin B12 supplements for 2 months. Consult doctor before taking supplements. Also have enough sleep of 8 hours, after losing weight. Having enough sleep is a must.

How to follow GM Diet ?
Day 1 - Only Fruits
Day 2 - Only Vegetables with GM Wonder Soup
Day 3 - Fruits and Vegetables
Day 4 - Milk and Bananas with GM Wonder Soup
Day 5 - Brown Rice with Tomatoes and GM Wonder Soup
Day 6 - Brown Rice with Vegetables
Day 7 - Brown Rice with Vegetables, Fruits and Fruit Juices

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