What to eat - Day 4 of GM Diet

What to eat ?
Breakfast - Banana and Almond Smoothie

Mid-Morning - Wonder Soup

Lunch - Banana and Almond Salad

After lunch snack - Half cup Badam Milk

Evening - Wonder Soup

Dinner - 2 Bananas and Half cup of Skimmed Milk

Will it be difficult ?
This day will be quiet interesting. You will feel more comfortable to have bananas and milk this day. If you are a dessert lover, this day will be a happy day.

What will be the result ?
Nearly 4 pounds of your body weight would have been dropped. This will make you feel happy and confident to continue further. You will feel strong at this time. You will never be tired or never feel like you are on diet. Most of the people skip their GM diet this day. May be because of the feeling that they lost weight. May be because of their desire for food. My advice is to continue your diet forwards. You will lose nearly 8 pounds, if completed successfully.

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