What to eat - Day 7 of GM Diet at Workplace

This section is exclusively for those who work. They need to carry nearly 4 boxes to their office. I will list out the things you need to carry. This list will be helpful to be in diet, in the middle of your working schedule. You can take it as an outline and prepare as per your interest.

Day 7
  • Breakfast - You will have at your home
  • Mid-Morning - You should carry a large bowl of fruit salad
  • Lunch - Vegetarians need to take a box with one cup of brown rice and one cup of tomato stew. Non-vegetarians can take one grilled chicken breast or one grilled fish fillet.
  • Evening - Take a bowl full of wonder soup
  • Dinner - If you stay late, you can take some vegetable salad with light dressing.
So, carry four boxes. One large bowl of Wonder soup, One bowl of Fruit Salad, One box with brown rice porridge, One box with rice and stew or One boxed with grilled protein. A vegetable salad with separate light dressing.

Non -Veg Style
 Veg Style

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