Cucumber Smoothie | Weight Loss Smoothies | Juice Fasting Recipe

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Nobody is an exception. Everyone would have searched for some weight loss drinks to aid our weight loss. Most of the drinks won't taste gud. This tasty detox drink is one which I read in a magazine and tried with no hope. 

But it is really tasty and you could drink it twice a day, without any hesitation. Your next question will be whether this drink is useful to loss weight or not. Yep,, it is helping me in my weight loss journey. It reduces bloating in stomach and it really helps to loss weight. That is our target, right ??

If you have all the ingredients handy, try this drink. The original recipe calls for parsely instead of mint. As I had mint handy, I used it. Also I do not like the flavor of parsely.

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Cucumber Weight Loss Drink | Weight Loss Smoothies | Juice Fasting Recipe

Recipe Source :  Cooking Light Magazine
Preparation time: Chilling Time: Yield 2 cups (1 servings)
Serving size: 2 cups | Calories per serving: 60

Cucumber - 4 slices

Lemon - half

Mint - little

Ginger - 2 inches stick

Raw Sugar - 2 Teaspoons

Salt - a pinch

Quick Procedure
1. Take ginger, cucumber, mint and sugar in a blender

2. Squeeze lemon to it.

3. Grind it and make it to a puree.

4. Add 2 cups of water and give a finall pulse.

5. Transfer to a glass and chill it if you wish.

Step-wise Pictures

Prepare required ingredients.  Take mint, cucumber, ginger and sugar in a blender.

Squeeze lemon to it and puree it, finely.

Add 2 cups of water and give a final pulse. Transfer it to a glass and serve it chill.

Tasty weight loss drink is ready in just few minutes
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