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Most of the people gain weight because of stress eating. What is this stress eating ? It is just a habit of eating or drinking more and more quantity of food, because of stress. Are you still not getting the point ? I will tell you my story first.

Am I a stress eater ? 

Yes, of course.. I have been a stress eater for years. When I studied my plus 2, it was really hectic. Pressure to score good marks and ranks made me more stressful. I ate like a giant because of the stress. This stress decreased my watch over what I eat. This stress made me to eat more snacks and sweets. Specially during exams, this type of eating was more. This even continued during my college life. When I started to work, I thought this kind of eating will stop. But it was NOT. Instead, it increased my appetite. After some hot status calls, I would go to restaurants and eat a lot. Mostly fried items and sweets. It will relax me indeed. After 2 successful weight loss journeys, I am still like this. 

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What is wrong with stress eating ?

Stress eating directly results in weight gain. Stress eating over a period of time results in obesity, high blood pressure and cholesterol. Mostly stress eaters consume fries and sweets. That is the reason for the weight gain. The high stress makes you to sleep right after eating a lot. That is the worst part. You might understand how effective this stress eating is in increasing weight.

Who are mostly STRESS EATER ?

As per reports the following people are mostly identified with a habit of stress eating.
  • Students during exams
  • Employees under work pressure
  • People who mostly think of family problems
  • Old people under stress
  • Pre and post menopause
  • Pre-menstrual cycle
  • Women, post delivery
  • Those who work in night shifts
  • Long distant drivers, who lack sleep

Is there a way to overcome stress eating ?

YES. There are a number of ways you could tackle it effectively. You should try to go to sleep early and get up early. You should not stay awake late night. You should try to drink more water. You should try to swallow an orange candy right after you feel over-stressed. If the above tips does not work and you go very crazy and need something madly, you could have salted or spicy popcorn without butter. If your wish for sweets is more, you can have caramelized popcorn. That is the only snack which is low in calories. Keep in mind that this stress eating never get satisfied with fruits or salads. It needs a snack or sweet. No other go.

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