7 Healthy or Low Calorie Indian Snacks for this Diwali - from my Favorite Blogs

Are you still on your weight loss mode and critically trying to avoid more sweets and snacks ? Never worry. you could still manage this Diwali and come out without a gain in weight.

I still remember the days, when I was really worried about going to home for Diwali. Because, I thought I would turn plump. I would be on a strict diet till I reach my home. Once I step into my home, it will be like an opposite version of me. I would have everything my mom gives me double the time. Also I would pull inside all the regional and bakery stuffs in tons. After marriage, Diwalis are different. I don;t worry about more weight gain. I am cooking myself and I never eat the sweets or snacks I make other than simply tasting them.

Still I try to manage my weight with a lot of techniques. I never want to regain the old weight, It's like a nightmare for me. The fight I have with PCOD gives me lot of challenges in managing my weight, But I am successful in managing it. Especially during festivals, I follow one special diet regimen and it helps me a lot. Read my Tips to MANAGE WEIGHT for this Diwali.

In my previous post, we saw the low calorie and healthy sweets from my favorite blogs. Read my POST on 10 Healthy or Low Calorie Sweets . In this post, we are going to some snacks. These snacks will be healthy or less in oil. At the same time, I don't compromise in taste. You could definitely try these to manage you weight loss diet. You could also encourage your family member, without discouraging them with your using rich caloric desserts and snacks. C'mon let us see those 10 snacks from my favorite blogs. Click on the titles or images to reach the original recipe sites.

Masala Khakhra from Evergreen Recipes

  • It is LOW in CALORIES
  • It is made with very LESS OIL
  • It is CRISPY and TASTY
  • It is easy to make

Ulundha Vadai or Medhu Vada from Rak's Kitchen

  • It is rich in PROTEIN
  • Though I has oil, it is completely HEALTHY

Low Calorie Aval Chivda from Tarla Dalal

  • It is made with LESS OIL
  • It can be made healthy by adding MORE NUTS

Keerai Vada or Spinach Vada from Subbus Kitchen

  • It is very very crispy, tasty and healthy
  • It does not have any unhealthy things

Ragi Thattai or Thattu Vadai from Spicy Treats

  • It is very very tasty and HEALTHY
  • It is one of the snacks with reasonable calories

Baked Moong Dhal from My Spicy Kitchen

  • It is made with LESS OIL
  • It is crunchy and healthy

Masala Pori or Kara Pori from Tasty Appetite

  • It is made with very very LESS OIL
  • It is of LOW CALORIES

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